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Hundreds of products cross our desks each week. Here are the ones we use, love, and can’t stop talking about.

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I Tried, Um, Breast Milk-Inspired Skin Care, and Honestly Didn’t Hate It
The Clitoral Suction Vibrator That’s Famous for Giving ‘Soul-Snatching’ Orgasms Is on Sale Ahead of Prime Day
A Tube of Glossier Boy Brow Gels Sells Every Minute—And the Brand Just Added 2 New Shades (Including Grey!)
7 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s, and How They’re Different From Typical Age-Related Changes
How To Get Your Microbiome Back in Fighting Shape During (and After) a Round of Antibiotics, Which ‘Unbalance’ Your Gut
To Bring Joy Back to Exercise, Try Approaching Fitness Like a Kid at Summer Camp
You Should Be Using Frozen Fruit To Make 2-Ingredient Anti-Inflammatory Strawberry Shaved Ice
Here’s Why Mental Health Pros Are Begging You To Stop Self-Diagnosing
This Moisturizing Lip Tint Has Replaced My Lip Balm *and* Lipstick, Thanks to Its Perfect Pop of Color
According to a Podiatrist, These Summer Slide Sandals Have ‘Impressive, Discreet Arch Support’
Summer Dandruff Has a Totally Different Cause Than Winter Flaking and Itching—Here’s How a Dermatologist Wants You To Deal
The 5 Emotional Stages of Processing a Breakup, According to Therapists
If You’re Feeling Guilty for Skipping a Workout, Here’s What Trainers and Therapists Want You To Know
4 Plant-Based Cooking Techniques Anyone Who Eats Fruit or Vegetables Needs To Know About, From a Pro Vegan Chef
Everything You Need To Know About Liquid Microneedling, the Needle-Free, Collagen-Stimulating Treatment that Tightens Skin and Reduces Fine Lines
Zeaxanthin Is an Anti-Inflammatory Compound That Helps Your Bones and Heart Stay Strong—And We Could All Be Eating More of It
‘Natural’ is Not Always Better: Here’s What a Dermatologist Wants You To Know About the Dangers of DIY Beauty
How To Treat (and Avoid) a Rash From Sunscreen, According to Dermatologists
I Drank a Can of Recess’ Mood-Boosting, Magnesium-Infused Sparkling Water Nightly for a Month, and I’ve Never Felt More Relaxed at Bedtime
6 Honey-Infused Lip Balms, Glosses, and Oils for Sweet, Soft—But Never Sticky—Lips
‘I’m a Cookbook Author That’s Lived in Japan for the Last 35 Years, and This Is What Some of the Longest-Living People in the World Eat Daily’
The Best Way To Beat the Afternoon Slump, According to Your Zodiac Sign
Here’s What the Science Actually Says About Using Adaptogens for Stress Relief
Admittedly, This Lip Mask Looks Ridiculous—But It Completely Fixed My Dry, Chapped Lips Overnight When Nothing Else Worked
How Long Does Sunscreen Last? A Guide to Sun Protection and SPF Expiration Dates, Straight From Dermatologists
A New Fertility Ecosystem Just Hatched: Cofertility Lets You Freeze Your Eggs for Free if You Donate Half
This Delicious 5-Ingredient Pita Bread Recipe Is Easy Enough for First-Time Bakers
Annual vs. Perennial Plants: Here’s Why Both Deserve a Spot in Your Garden
Weighted Razors Promise To Give You the Closest Shave of Your Life Without Irritation—Here’s How To Use Them Without Getting Nicked
Wild Huckleberry Is the Star of This Sensitive-Skin Friendly Peel That’s Gentle Enough To Use Every Single Day
‘I’ve Completed 68 Ironman Races, and This Is My Workout Recovery Hack That Costs $0’
This Celeb-Loved Brand Is the *Only* One That Follows the National Eczema Association’s Guidelines—So, I Tested Every Product
7 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life in a Monogamous Relationship—Because, Yes, Familiarity Can Breed Boredom
These 3-Ingredient Anti-Inflammatory Brownie Recipes Are Packed With Protein
One Shopper Going Through Menopause and Struggling With Thinning Hair Says This Shampoo ‘Made a World of Difference’
‘A New Drug Can Delay Type 1 Diabetes Onset—As Someone Who’s Lived With Type 1 for 30 Years, I Feel Excited About It’

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