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OEC Induction for Year 2011

Dear all as you know that OEC INDUCTION 2011 is in process. During the month of March and April we received some good response from students. Based on the evaluation of form and potential following students were able to meet the required criteria of team OEC and selected as new members of OEC.
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Who is Mr Gregs?what are three cups of tea?

Greg Mortenson’s flawed one-man mission in Pakistan Rina Saeed Khan I found it to be an adventurous tale, often moving at times. However, there were several glaring holes in the story – what persuaded him to venture into the tribal area of Waziristan (strictly no foreigners allowed) where he is allegedly kidnapped by the Taliban? Then there were all the truckloads of materials that
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A new look of our blog

Finally, our first fully customized official WP theme (OEC Visoin V.1.0) is born. The theme design has been inherited from the previous website. Special thanks to OEC Tech Team whose support made this launch possible.
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