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OEC Discover Gilgit-Baltistan: Featured Photo of Bagrote Valley

[Bagrote Valley] Location: District Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan Photo Credits: Aleem Haider, LUMS Lahore

Educational Expos: Hunza Serries

  Departure from Gilgit: On August 23, 2011 our team of OEC moved to Hunza Valley for OEC Educational Expo serries 2011, at sharp 8:00 am. Our team consisted of Madam Shah Bano (AKES’P), Imtiaz Ali Taj (LUMS), Waseem Khan (NUST), LIaqat Karim (NUST), Nazia Wajid (NUST), Jibran Hayat (FAST), Imran Ahmad (COMSATS), Iftikhar Ahmad (COMSATS), Sania Yousaf (Bahria), Tarick Amin (Sir Syed) and
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OEC Mobile Helpline: Making educational info accessible

Nowadays, cellular networks are rapidly expanding their services to far flung areas. The organization decided to use this powerful tool to spread career information to far flung areas of Gilgit-Baltistan. We have launched a mobile helpline, through which we entertain any queries related to career information that a student from any region of Gilgit-Baltistan may have, without charging any fee. This service was formally
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One student’s journey from small-town Balochistan to Harvard University

Source: The Express Tribune One student’s journey from small-town Balochistan to Harvard University By Maria Waqar Located on the outskirts of Quetta, is the barren valley of Mariabad where the Hazara lead slow-paced lives. These tribal people, living in narrow brick huts speckled along the rugged hillside, typically sell loose cloth, sweaters or tea for their livelihood. Like most poor people, their aspirations rarely
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