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USEF Pakistan undergraduate exchange programe

Study in United States for One Semester. 2012 undergraduate exchange programe by United states education foundation Pakistan USEF pakistan has announced the undergraduate exchange programe 2012. Some of the important points to be noted are Women, minorities and persons belonging to Gilgit Baltistan and FATA are strongly encouraged. Many students of Gilgit Baltistan have previously been sent for the Student exchange programs!! one semester of full time, non degree academic studies in United
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The Young researcher of Gilgit Baltistan | Displayed the Quality of Education

The young boy who stunned the Top University Students of Pakistan!! A young 19 years boy, Studying in Punjab college of Information Technology  and doing FSc, Surprised everyone when he got the first prize in the event “youth researcher” beating student researchers of the top universities of Pakistan like NUST, LUMS, GIKI and other renowned institutions during Pakistan Mathematical Olympiad and young researchers Conference in
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G-Bianz glare in AKU-EB SSC and HSSC Examinations 2011

The Talented High Achieving Students of Gilgit Baltistan made all GBianz proud In the SSC and HSSC examinations 2011 conducted by AKU-EB (Aga Khan University Examination Board) the young Shining stars of Gilgit Baltistan showed the fullest of their abilities and gave surprizing results at national Level. The Students of Giligit Baltistan Grabbed more than 26 positions all over. This is a miraculous achievement in the
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For a Gilgit school, the wait for teachers seems unending

For the 100 students at Boys Primary School Konodas, there are seven teachers. Of them, only two teachers were in school last week, while the rest were “about to return soon.” With such few teachers, there is little to do in class and majority of the students were seen wandering outside the classroom. But despite this, the students seem determined and have high aspirations.
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A Quest for Change | Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry by a Young Thinker of G-B A Quest for ChangeThe Poetess is a student and belongs to Hunza, she is profound in her thoughts and expressions.  She has written many other prose and OEC blog will keep discovering such wonderful Pearls of the north.. If you have such valuable inscriptions of you, please feel free to share with us.

A Pakistani-Russian tourist couple visiting the northern areas of Pakistan has said they will always remember a cup of tea offered to them by the police at a check post in Chilas Valley.

“It was an unforgettable experience which will always remind us of the hospitality and kindness of Gilgit-Baltistan’s (G-B) people. Even in the most civilised countries, the police is not so hospitable and friendly,” said Vera Mayantal, a Russian tourist currently visiting G-B with her husband Raza Ali, a Pakistani settled in Russia since 1996. Ali, 42, has travelled to 65 countries so far. However,
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Who is an Assistant Commissioner ?By Zameer Abbas

“Sir the power generator has stopped working”. “Sir a protest rally of about 200 people is coming to your office chanting slogans”. “Sir the commissioner is on the way “. “Sir please we need your support before the December is closed ”. “Sir, the Patwari noted my name but I haven’t received any relief so far “ “ Sir ……….. These are the workaday
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An Inspirational Boy Scout

Recently The OEC blog met an inspirational Boy Scout belonging to Gilgit Baltistan, who had been keen in scouting since his childhood, now after graduation he still has the same enthusiasm towards scouting, for him scouting is the fuel that runs his life and scouting is the way he learns living the real life. We prefer you all to read these worthless words with him
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