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Tahir Naeem | The emerging singer of Gilgit Baltistan

An exclusive interview with Tahir Naeem “The emerging singer of Gilgit Baltistan” THEOEC:Tell us something about yourself? Tahir Naeem: I am Tahir Naeem from Gilgit. I started my school life from public school and college Jutial Gilgit. I still remember when i sung for the first time in class 4th, there after I started participating in differentcompetitionsand won number of awards. Many of my
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GBFL in NUST comes to an end | Students Proved the sectarian brotherhood

Gilgit Baltistan Futsal League A successful futsal (mini football) event was organized by NGBians (NUST GBians, organization of the students belonging to Gilgit Baltistan in National University of Sciences and technology, Islamabad) in the university today. Four teams of GB students participated in the event and after four days of successful efforts the event came to an end. The teams that participated in the
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Move Forward for Better Gilgit-Baltistan!

Move Forward! We have been condemning violence, brutality and barbarism for last twenty years. Every segment of the society has a different opinion regarding violence and unrest in the region. But, still we are reluctant to talk about solutions. Peace would not prevail by condemning violence and updating our Facebook statuses. In addition, we must understand that the phenomenon of sectarian violence is not
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OEC Scholars for Year 2012-13

OEC Scholarship Program Scholars Year 2012-13 Organization for Educational Change  primarily aspire to guide, highlight and inspire the students of Gilgit-Baltistan through its following projects. OEC The Educure OEC Educational Expo OEC Blog & E-magazine OEC Mobile Helpline OEC Discovering Gilgit-Baltistan For last two and half year of the establishment of OEC, we have reached thousand plus students in G-B. Many of the students had
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A Solution for Better Gilgit-Baltistan: The sustainable and long-term peace needs public policy reforms

  A Solution for  Better Gilgit-Baltistan: The sustainable and long-term peace needs public policy reforms Bloodshed in GB is not simple as it seems; ‘someone’, ‘somewhere’ is busy designing our future. Very unfortunate is that our policymakers are unable to predict/create a future for GB. People are not responsible alone. People in developed world are as irrational as in our regions. Loose the system
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