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The Organization for Educational Change (OEC) is an independent body of students, which has transformed itself from a single idea of a student magazine to an entire organization providing multiple services to the students and youth of Gilgit-Baltistan. This organization started working on its first project “The Educure” in November 2009, following which a number of projects have been successfully launched under its umbrella. The organization has a mission to envision young minds of Gilgit-Baltistan with a notion to opt education as the only way to bring about a positive change in society. It has a vision to create a society that would be politically democratic,  scientifically innovative, socially and culturally integrated and economically prosperous”. To achieve this mission and, materialize the vision the team has started with a set of objectives in its Phase I. These are

I. To inspire, guide, finance and highlight the students and youth of society

II. To provide a platform for youth studying in different universities to harness their professional skills well preparing them for practical life demands. Also, making them aware about their role to solve problems faced by or society.

III. To create a platform where a diverse group of students will work for one cause, paving for creating unity in diversity for peacful coexistence.