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Central Executive Council 2012-13

1 Patron-in-Chief: Mr Saranajam Baig

Head Of Economics Department,  Karakorum International  University(KIU), Gilgit_Baltistan

2 President:

Jibran Hayat

BS(Hon) Electrical Engineering

FAST-NU, Peshawar

3 Vice President:

Syed Naveed Shah

BSc(Hon), Human Resource

SZABIST, Islmabad

4 Information Sectary:

Bushra Ali

MA.LLB, QAU, Islamabad

5 Central Treasurer:

Atif Ayaz

ACCA SKANS, Islambad

6 Chief Executive Director:

Kashif Essa Khan

BS Architecture, COMSATS, Islmabad

Extended Council To Be Selected…