The OEC authorship

The OEC encourages the youth to participate in healthy activities like reading, writing, debating, discussions, media activities and all other sort of actions that promotes the wisdom and knowledge of the youth.
In order to provide a scope to those active youth who are interested in writing articles on different aspects the OEC has introduced the OEC authorship, we will provide an authors account through which the writers will share their writings and the administrators will approve the writings to publish on the OEC blog. This will provide a chance for the talented youth of the region to bring forward their writing and enter the the stream of authorship.

The Authorship will be given on the basis of writing skills, regularity and level of thinking of the interested members.

If you are interested you will require to fill the form bellow.

  • OEC administration has the authority to approve or cancel my authorship form *
  • make sure that your submission is successful on succussful submission there will be a message that your form was sent!! If it does not appear then check back if have missed any field. dont ignore the picture one..

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