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Bimonthly Think-In| Shazia Ali: Third Position HSSC Commerce Group


A Student of Sedna Public School, Gilgit
 |Shazia Ali|

Third position holder in HSSC Commerce group(I) at KIU Examination Board 2011
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Interview with Shazia Ali, who got first top third position in Commerce group Part-I in Karakoram International University Board

Interviewer: M Aman Ali Shah, Gilgit

The Educure: Tell us something about your academic background.

Shazia: I got my ECED education from a public school in Yaseen Colony Jutial Gilgit, I did my primary school from D.J School ZulfiqarAbad Jutial Gilgit, I passed my SSC from Public School and College Jutial Gilgit under FBISE Islamabad and now I am here in Sedna Public School and College Jutial Gilgit for my HSSC I.Com under KIU Board.

The Educure:Your aim of life?

Shazia: As our society is having a trend that girls either should be given a chance to a doctor or they should become teachers. This is my opinion that girls can excel in any field just like boys and even they can compete the boys. I want to aware all the girls that they must choose other fields as well besides medical, so I want to become a bank manager. In future I also want to develop a platform for people to invest their assets in a positive direction.

The Educure: Why Sedna?

Shazia: Here in Sedna the teachers are friendly with each other as well as with students. The pedagogy is fully effective.

The Educure: Who influenced you?

Shazia: My college teachers influenced me.

The Educure: Define success?

Shazia: Success is the positive change in oneself to achieve a target.

The Educure: Challenging period in your academic life?

Shazia: When I passed my SSC, that time was challenging time for me in choosing the subjects for my HSSC.

The Educure: Role of money in education?

Shazia: Money plays a wider role in some ones education. No money no education. But if someone is meritorious then he/she can avail opportunities to carry his/her education on.

The Educure: Difference between rural and urban education?

Shazia: According to my point of view village education involves spoon feeding in the process of education. As teacher is considered as the only responsible person in students learning while in urban education system the teacher makes sure every student’s participation for the improvement of students’ learning.

The Educure: Define education?

Shazia: I define education as the process of learning.

The Educure: Role of education in personal development?

Shazia:  I think education plays various roles in some ones personal development, like; it brings positive inner changes that how to learn from the society, how to talk, how to manage time and how to make it useful and effective.

The Educure: How do you serve people socially?

Shazia: I am a senior guide in Jamatkhana so I help the poor people and the children in many occasions.

The Educure: Any suggestion?

Shazia:  I have no any specific suggestion because I have not read your magazine but I would say one thing that it is a terrific job to inspire talented and young minds, keep it up don’t break this chain.

The Educure: Thank you Shazia and Best of luck for a bright future!

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