OEC Educational Expo Update:Educational Expo-2011:AKHSS Gahkuch

Educational Rxpo-2011:AKHSS Gahkuch

It is going to be conducted by Team-OEC on 25th of July. Team OEC presents gratitude to GCCE & AKESP for their funding in this Expo. Special thanks to GCCE for providing resource persons for the event and providing the college space for official work of Expo. Team OEC for the Tour

i. Naubahar Rafi

ii. Shoaib Hayat

iii. Naeema Gull

iv. Ahmad Wali (Faculty GCCE)

v. Tajjallee Abid

vi. Sadaqat Ali Shah

vii. Imtiaz ali baigal

viii. Malika Husan (Faculty City School Islamabad)

ix. Waqar Ahmad

x. Syed zafar ali shah

xi. Jibran Hayat

xii. Bushra Aman

xiii. Irfan Shakoor (LUMS graduate & IIS London student)

xiv. Shahid Ali Khan (Faculty GCCE)




OEC Blog Special Coverage: Men Ready To Serve The Nation

Lahore University of Management Sciences(LUMS)

Convocation 2011



Hussein Abass, veteran of village Sumayer, District Hunza Nagar. He has studied FSc pregineering from Cadet College Skardu, graduated with merit and earned a degree of BSc(Hon) in Economics and Mathematics.








Zahir Sakhi, resident of Passu Gojal, district Hunza- Nagar. He has done his matriculation from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit. Then, got admission in FC college Lahore for intermediate , earned a degree of BSc(Hon) in  Economics with merit.








Sohail Abbas, hailing from Gilgit City, studied matriculation and intermediate from Cadet College Skardu. He has graduated with merit earning a degree of BSc(Hon) in Economics and Politics.

If there are no opportunities, you aren’t looking around enough.

If there are no opportunities, you aren’t looking around enough.

I really want to hear a believable official inflation rate figure from authorities. It’s a highly unreasonable wish.
I don’t know what the worth of five hundred rupees will be a few months from now. But I know that it would have lost value, considerably.
This is one of the reasons why we all want some easy quick cash.
If you are a resident of the Paki-Land, you have some easy (totally legal) ways to earn a fortune.

1. Steal. Rob. At night.

If you are nyctophobic, this awesome business idea is not for you and you can go for a 9-5 desk job. Because that’s what you nyctophobics are made for. For the rest of the people who make this world a much more awesome place and can potentially make the nights much more lively, learn to jump over walls and break locks. These Pakistanis lock everything up, not for safety, but to test your skills. Show them how good you are at it! When entering, you don’t need to be melodramatic and hide your faces or wear gloves to prevent your fingerprints from leading to you, that happens in movies and let it stay there only. You just hop in, break a lock and discover your fortune. All the valuables you find inside another’s house belong to you (The 11th Commandment). The owners might have worked hard for it, but did you put any less effort in getting to there?

2. Snatch phones. Smart phones.

If you don’t own a bike already and you can’t steal one, skip this paragraph. We are not here to increase your costs, neither do we expect a heavy investment. So if you don’t have a bike, steal one (at night OR day) to mark the beginning of a wonderful life. It is highly recommended to play it safe and not to approach just anyone you find on your way. The best spot is right next to a police or a Ranger’s car. People feel safe when they are around ‘forces’. At least till a few days back this was the case. When you snatch a phone at gunpoint from right in front of the Police van, that ‘filthy rich’ person you robbed will be left in a state of shock rather than in a state of anger once you leave him phone-less. He won’t hate you, he’ll hate the police standing nearby. Don’t worry or run away, you won’t be caught. Everyone cares about your safety here. Snatch some more, make your parents proud and then sell those little dirty toys these people like to play with.

3. Kidnap a kid.

It’s easy, safe and reliable. Everyone does it. You don’t even need to contact the guardians for ransom from different numbers because if you are smart at it, you will just be untraceable. This lowers the cost considerably. So with minor costs such as those incurred while buying fuel for transportation or balloons to stop a crying baby, you can expect a huge return. Just give the kids some love, they are your clients and you don’t want your clients hating you, right? In these times of poverty and inflation, you ought to try this cost-efficient and high-return business plan.

4. Become a pirate.

It’s a ‘cool’ profession. After Pirates of the Caribbean, I have started having a high regard for pirates. You can tell your children, there are two pirates in this world, the first is Captain Sparrow (Johny Depp) and the second is your Daddy. Moreover, it’s the most ‘in’ thing these days. Hijack a ship and you will get all the media coverage you have always craved for. And even after that, you will remain a mystery. Some countries will fail to provide you with what you need and some will exhaust all their resources to get their people back. It’s true that they may not value lives in their own country, but getting their citizens back from abroad or over’seas’, is a responsibility they take very seriously.

If you are a person of ethics and found the above ‘business ideas’ extremely absurd but read on to find something good, here’s what you should do.

5. Own a cinema. A 3D cinema.

Everyone has been wasting a good amount of money to watch Blu trying to fly and Po trying to attain inner peace, as close to them as it could be. This idea requires heavy investment and homework, but once all is set, all the money we have in these times of inflations and poverty, all the money that circulates in the country, be it stolen, haram or halal, will come your way. Your life will change. Three dimensionally. And you will be as close to attaining inner peace as you could be. So if you got the money or if you successfully collected enough by the four methods above and now want to do something less noble and less adventurous, get people to come to your 3D cinema.

(Disclaimer: I am not a sexist. I used ‘he’ everywhere I needed to because this post is about business ideas. And it’s best for this masculine stuff to be as far away from a woman as possible, right? Who is going to get dominated by males if we open such ventures for those inferior creatures?)

By Kanza Azeemi
BSc(Hon), Economics
Lahore University of Management Science

Posted with prior permission of writer
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You can find more articles by writer at Kanza Azeemi Blog



M. Phil Programs at Karakorum International University, Gilgit

M. Phil Programs at Karakorum International University, Gilgit

Applications are invited for Admissions in M. Phil in the following Programs:

  • Media & Communication
  • Biological Science Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences Educational Development

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 16 years of Education
  • Result of GAT General (NTS) must be submitted latest by the end of First Semester
  • Minimum CGPA 3 or 65% Marks in Final Degree for more details,

For more details visit KIU Website

[Update]Iran : Scholarship for Pakistani Students

Iran : Scholarship for Pakistani Students

IThe Admission Department for Non-Iranian Student of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has in a press release, notified the conditions for admission of non Iranian student.

Conditions and Facilities of Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran concerning Grant of Academic Scholarships to Pakistani Students in

Various Fields.



  1. Applications from candidates will be considered and accepted, after submission of academic and identity documents, and dispatch of the same to the Scholarship Council, in accordance with the conditions mentioned in the by-laws with due regard to age, aggregate of grades obtained, and academic certificates as well as other regulations.
  2. Academic scholarships will be granted annually in all fields and academic levels for pursuing studies in the long-term course after approval by the Scholarship Council for Non-Iranian applicants.
  3. Short-term research and studies courses will be undertaken with the coordination of universities, and under the supervision of the Bureau for International Academic Cooperation of the Ministry concerned.
  4. The admitted students will start their education in two semesters in the months, of September and January of each Academic year.
  5. The time for submission of documents by the applicants will be before May 5 and September 6 each year, and the result will be announced, after due consideration, on July 6, and November 6 of that Year.
  6. The admitted students are obligated to successfully pass Farsi Language Learning course at the Imam Khomeini (RA) International University.
  7. Students, holding scholarship, will benefit from the dormitory for bachelor students, and also health insurance free of charge.
  8. Bachelor students, holding scholarship, will be monthly paid the following amounts as expenditures:- Post diploma and Bachelor’s level Rials 800,000- Masters’ level Rials 900, 000- Doctorate Rials 1,000,000
  9. All the married students will be monthly paid Rials 1,500,000 as expenditures.
  10. All the students admitted for pursuing studies in the Islamic Republic of Iran will, immediately after admission, be paid Rials 500,000 as initial expenditure.
  11. Married students, subject to availability, will be given accommodation in dormitory for married students, and in the event of non-availability, they will be given 500,000 Rials per month as housing allowance by the Ministry of Science ,Research and Technology and also a loan of 20 million Rials for housing accommodation will be paid through the Students Welfare Fund.




Pakistani students intend to apply for scholarship to study in the Islamic Republic of Iran should submit the following documents to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Islamabad or Consulate General offices of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta.

1-Admission form (duly filled in, it can be downloaded from the Embassy‘s website: www.iranembassy.pk)

2- Translation or copy of attested documents & Mark Sheets (From Higher Education & Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.)

3-Three Introduction Letters for Masters & PhD programs

4- Physical Fitness Certificate) to be free from addiction of Narcotics, AIDS. Hepatitis B & C and should not be physically handicapped)

5-Financial Soundness Certificate in case of Self finance & Semi Self finance

6-A copy of all pages of Candidates Identification Documents (Passport valid for intended study duration)

7- 4 latest photographs (4*6 sizes)

8- Students Visa Application form (can be downloaded from the Embassy‘s website)

9- Age limit 20, 25, 31 years respectively for Graduation, Masters and PhD level programs. For Masters in Theology & Islamic Studies age limit is 28 years.

10- Minimum of 70 % marks

Primary qualifications for Non-Iranian Students’ acceptance according to the Regulation of granting
Educational Scholarship to the Non-Iranian students
Age details:
The maximum of age for the applicants of each grade is as follows:
BA(Farsi Literature & Theology)……..26years
MA(Farsi Literature & Theology)……..30years
PhD(Farsi Literature & Theology)…….35years

The minimum of past grade average to apply for educational continuation(by 20)
BA in Humanities courses……………………………….12.5
BA in Technological Engineering & Basic Sciences………14
MA in Humanities………………………………………..15
MS in Technological Engineering & Basic Sciences……….14

The Required Documents for Application:
1)Complete application form
2)Transcript of academic documents and the past detailed grades confirmed by the Representative of I.R.I. in your subject state
3)2 pieces of photo
4)Copy of Passport pages
5)Providing 3 letters of recommendation by past grade professors.(for applicants of MA & PhD
6)Written application based on education in Iran

Download Application Form

+ For More Information Contact to Student Section of this Embassy

From Man to Thu at 9 to 12 am

Phone : 051-2833070-72

Further Information

Application Deadline : 6 September 2011


(Posted as public service and awareness message, OEC don’t holds   responsibility for authenticity of information provided or deadlines variation)

Rahimullah Baig the special athlete of GB Representing Pakistan In Athens Special Olympics 2011

World Special Olympics 2011, Athens




Athletics/Track and Field
AT 1500M Run
Division M3
Bib #368
Score: 5 min, 8.06 sec
Date: 29 June

Rahimullah Baig



Rahimullah Baig, son of Shukullah Baig, hailing from village Oshikhandass of District Gilgit, secured a silver medal at 1500 and 800 meter race for Pakistan Team A in Athens Special Olympics 2011 . He has added to the legacy of representing Pakistan by veterans of Gilgit-Baltistan, defining an identity for themselves through excellence, merit and competence.

Pakistan team A ranking  is given as

1.Sakhawat Ali
2.Adeel Ameer
3.Rahimullah Baig
4.Tahir Siddique
5. Misbah Tariq

Source:Special Olympics Website

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OEC Discover GB Entry No 1: ‘Chilidar Lake Expedition’

OEC presents Discover Gilgit-Baltistan Entry No 1
Name: Chilidar Lake Expedition
Target: Chilidar Lake
Location: 30 Km from Gilgit City
Team: Noor Colonianz
Team Leader: Amjad Hussein

Every summer, I with my friends visit different places. In this summer, we decided to go for Chilidar to discover  the beautiful lakes. We  gathered in the colony and planned to go to chilidar.

Since, the Chilidar lake is at a great distance from Gilgit , so we decided to stay there for one day. We decided the date of Friday 24 June 2011. Finally we were up with the  plan of hike. We collected our necessary equipment like, a bag, a rope, a knife and something to eat.

Finally on June 24, 2011, we gathered at night. It was around  2:00 Am. All our friends were ready. At the nick of time two of our friends refused to come. We were really discouraged and sadden by their act. Anyway, we were firmly intended to move on, so we started to walk towards chilidar.

We walked around for three hours, at last we got a suitable place for breakfast.

We took breakfast and again started walking towards our target . On our way, we saw many glaciers, snow, different animals, birds and many flowers. We walked continuously for eight hours and finally we got an appropriate ground just beneath the lake to place our tent.

At the first day, we were unable to reach the lake because we were really tired, hungry and had to take lunch. We took lunch and rest for a while. We gossiped in our group. At night after having a dinner we sang songs and danced in our camp. Finally we went to deep sleep.

Next day with the grace of God we approached the lake. We were really happy because after facing the music, We were finally done with what we were indented.  At lake, we swum, took snaps of surrounding, it was a joyful moment of peace, beauty and thrill. We wished to be their forever but the end of our expedition came along with sweet memories and beautiful scenes preserved in our mind

At evening we moved down towards our homes. We said bye to the two beautiful lakes. After walking continuously we reached homes at night.

[The team at the Childar lake]

We had a great and unforgettable journey. When I remember the days, I again cry for the moon to be there in chilidar forever.

[Some jouyful moments after reaching target]

We captured cool pictures and now when I watched them on my PC, I really missed the moments we had in chilidar.

[The End]


Amjad hussain, Rafaqat Ali, Jamil Hussain, Gohar Ali, Zahirulah,Rehmat , Zahid hussain, Mohd Talib, Wajid , Shakeel, Sharafat,



Exclusive Presentation of OEC Discover Gilgit-Baltistan
To send entries mail at theedecure@hotmail.com

DAAD & University of Central Asia Scholarship Program For GB Students

Scholarship database

DAAD/UCA-Programme (UCA=University of Central Asia)


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the University of Central Asia (UCA) are carrying out a joint scholarship programme for graduates and doctoral students for the countries of Kasachstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as well as for countries in the catchment area of the UCA, such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, parts of Northern Pakistan (only Gilgit-Baltistan and Malakand Division) and Western China (only Xinjiang). The scholarships are jointly awarded by the DAAD and the UCA for a Master’s degree course or for doctoral studies at German universities.
The DAAD/UCA Programme aims to train and recruit scientific staff to establish the UCA. In so doing, the programme will raise the state of scientific teaching and research in the countries of the region and so help to establish a network between German and Central Asian scientists and researchers.


As a rule, scholarships are awarded for a maximum of two years for a Master’s programme, and of three years for doctoral students. After completing their studies in Germany, the scholarship holders work for at least five years in research and teaching at the UCA.


The rates for scholarships amount to:
750.- Euros per month for students enrolled in Master’s Programmes
1,000.- Euros per month for doctoral students
The travel expenses and, as far as required and provided for, the costs for pre-study language courses are paid.
Doctoral students can receive the travel expenses for reasonably substantiated travel for the purpose of engaging in field research.
Family allowances and supplementary child allowance for spouses and children
An introductory seminar will be held for all participants after the studies have begun in Germany.


Interest in a subsequent teaching role at the University of Central Asia
Under the DAAD/UCA-Programme, support is given to Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Applied Physics, Geology, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science/Informatics, Engineering (Environmental Technology, Structure and Analysis of Complex Systems), Environmental Sciences, Geosciences and Resource Management.
Applicants for the Master’s programme must prove that they hold a first qualified university degree, as a rule, a Bachelor’s degree
Applicants for a Doctorate must prove that they hold a further qualified university degree, as a rule a Master’s degree. When submitting their application, all doctoral students must already prove that they have taken up contact with a possible German supervisor. Applications for structured German PhD programmes in the above-mentioned subject areas are also welcomed.
Consultation interview at the DAAD-IC in the respective country.

Application papers

In principle, applicants for Master’s programmes (a) and Doctoral programmes (b) are subject to the application papers and usual provisions specified in the DAAD Application Form “Application for a Research Grant/Study Scholarship”: Curriculum Vitae, Research Plan or Study Motivation, a reference by local professors or supervisors (for Master’s programmes) or two references (PhD), authenticated copies of the Abitur school-leaving certificate, of the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate or a Magister Diplom (Diplom specialista) or, in the case of students in their fourth academic year, an authenticated copy of the Course Record Book (Transcript of Records). In the case of applications for a Master’s programme, the application must be accompanied by an extract from the host university’s website with concrete details (title of the degree programme, study plan and the expected length of studies, language of instruction, admissions requirements plus information on any tuition fees) for the chosen degree programme; in the case of Doctoral scholarships/grants a letter confirming supervision by a German professor or proof of admission to a Doctoral programme and a detailed time and work plan are required. Language skills English and/or German have to be proved.
Copies of certificates and their translation must be authenticated. The health certificate only needs to be presented if the scholarship/grant is awarded.
The specified application forms are available on the internet (www.daad.de/de/form) or can be obtained from the DAAD-IC office.
Applications are submitted to the relevant DAAD-IC in the country in question.

Country-specific information, dates and deadlines, application address and advice
On the DAAD homepage, please go to www.daad.de/stipendien where you will find further specific information for applicants from your home country, including on where applications should be sent to.
A full application (including all documents) must be submitted by 30 November of the current year, specifying the programme name DAAD/UCA-Scholarship Programme at the IC-Office in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan.
Advice and information on this programme, on studying in Germany and on taking up contact with German university teachers is provided by the DAAD IC-Office and the regional representations of the UCA.

Information and application addresses:

DAAD-Informationszentrum Almaty
Deutsch-Kasachische Universität
Ul. Pushkina 111/113
050010 Almaty
Telefon: 007 727 2939035
E-Mail: daad@mailbox.kz

DAAD-Informationszentrum Bischkek
Deutsch-Französisches Zentrum
Ul. Isanova 143/1
720000 Bischkek
Telefon: 00996-312 32 39 41
E-Mail: info@daad.kg

DAAD-Informationszentrum Duschanbe
Ul. Sovetskaya 107
734001 Duschanbe
Telefon: 00992-372 246301
E-Mail: info@daad.tj

Herr Lars Jendreizik (bis 31.08.2011)
E-Mail: larsjendreizik@yahoo.de

DAAD-Informationszentrum Taschkent
Abdulaev Ko´chasi 2 a Jakossoroj Tumani
100100 Taschkent
Tel: 00998 71-1400483 / 84
E-Mail: info@daad.uz

Liaison Office Kabul
Ministry of Higher Education
Telefon: 0093-79 42 79 895
E-Mail: daad.kabul@gmx.de

VR China:
DAAD Branch Office Peking
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Unit 1718, Landmark Tower 2
8 North Dongsanhuan Road
Chaoyang District
100004 Peking
Tel.: (0086 10) 6590-6656,-6676
E-Mail: postmaster@daad.org.cn

DAAD Information Centre Islamabad
(personal visits only after prior appointment)
F-7/4, Street 55, House 23
E-Mail: saarbeck@daad.de

Responsibility at the DAAD:
Mr. Michael Adlung
Section/Referat 326
Kennedyallee 50
D-53175 Bonn
E-Mail: adlung@daad.de
Tel: +49-228-882-386
Responsibility at the UCA:
Mr. Urmat Tynaliev
E-Mail: urmat.tynaliev@ucentralasia.org
Please Note for All Scholarship Programmes: The call for applications for the scholarships/grants contains general programme information. We have compiled further information for you on the application conditions specifically valid for your country as well as information on the application process itself, which you can access, where appropriate, on the page: “Country-specific information”.

Please note for all scholarship programmes: Scholarship announcements contain general information on the programme in question. Application conditions specifically for candidates from your country (Turkmenistan) as well as information on the application process can be found, where applicable, at “Country Specific Information”.

Source:DAAD Website