USEF Pakistan undergraduate exchange programe

Study in United States for One Semester.

2012 undergraduate exchange programe by United states education foundation Pakistan

USEF pakistan has announced the undergraduate exchange programe 2012. Some of the important points to be noted are

  • Women, minorities and persons belonging to Gilgit Baltistan and FATA are strongly encouraged.
  • Many students of Gilgit Baltistan have previously been sent for the Student exchange programs!!
  • one semester of full time, non degree academic studies in United States.. further  information in the image below, please click to enlarge
(Note: OEC doesn’t have any official association with USEF Pakistan, this is for purpose of  general awareness)

students exchange to america from pakistan

Registration form | Reference Letter | Special Instructions

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The Young researcher of Gilgit Baltistan | Displayed the Quality of Education

The young boy who stunned the Top University Students of Pakistan!!

A young 19 years boy, Studying in Punjab college of Information Technology  and doing FSc, Surprised everyone when he got the first prize in the event “youth researcher” beating student researchers of the top universities of Pakistan like NUST, LUMS, GIKI and other renowned institutions during Pakistan Mathematical Olympiad and young researchers Conference in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI).

Ehsam Was Yesterday Awarded with the Award of Excellence by Punjab Group of Colleges and Punjab education task force

Ehsam ullah baig the young researcher


And more luckily and surprisingly the boy belonged to Gilgit Baltistan.

He is Ehsam Ullah Baig, Belonging to Gulmit Gojal, born in Giligit in November 1991, Started his education from Al-Azhar Model School Gilgit. Then studied in Public Schools & Colleges Gilgit. Now he is in PCIT in Islamabad.

The OEC team reached Ehsam and requested him to let us know about his work. We are very thankful to Ehsam for his kind cooperation and we also congratulate him on his Success. We wish him a very bright future.

Bellow is the Story that Ehsam has shared with us.

About me:
I was not an intelligent and extra ordinary student from childhood. I always was a mediocre student. But, physics was my favorite subject. I always loved to work related to physics. Last year when I was in 1st year, I read a chapter in my physics book which was about “Resonance”. I took interest in it and started to think about it. In that chapter, I learned about the destruction of “Tacoma Bridge” which was a suspension bridge in USA, which was collapsed after 3 months of its construction. I took a point from its destruction that was “as there are number of suspension bridges in GB why they are still in their working condition? that was my point and that was the starting brick of my work.>
Research work:

Ehsam recieving the award at GIKI

Ehsam Recieving the winning Award in GIKI

I started work to find the reason of the destruction of Tacoma Bridge. In the month of July i went to Gilgit and started to study about the suspension bridges. I took under consideration the “Suspension Bridge Of Danyore” (near KIU). I studied about it in detail. Then I started to write my research in an appropriate form. When I was writing my paper an idea came in my mind to make this effect as a LAW of physics. As I was writing my paper I got an invitation of a Youth Researcher Conference which was held in GIK(Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute).I finalized my paper and send it to that conference my abstract was selected. They called me to attend the conference which was held by the end of September. I went to GIK which no doubt is one of the best engineering university of Pakistan. I was shocked when i saw the participants of the conference three students were from LUMS and 3 from GIKI and they were doing there BS. I was the only college student from Pakistan. I was first time presenting my work in such big event. We all were seated in a big hall on the day. My presentation was on 4th number. When the comparer called me on the stage I just said “Oh God!! Help me please”.  But when I went on stage I was full of confidence but don’t know how it happened I presented my work in 25 minutes and 10 minutes were for cross questions from the judges and audience there were national and international judges who were judging my work and a large number of students from different universities, colleges and schools from Pakistan. Everyone appreciated my work which made me happier and satisfactory. The other thing which I liked there was the events which were organized by GIK for us. Lectures of the well known educationist of our country and etc.



It was again a surprising news for me when In the closing ceremony during the prize distribution it was announced that I got the award of “Presenting Best Technical Paper” .I was not believing my ears. I also got the award of “Excellence” from Punjab group of colleges after performing in GIKI. I am also nominated for “Green award of Distinction” and I was really very happy when last night got an email from GIK that I am elected as a Youth Ambassador of GIK. And I hope still many awards are waiting for me


I never get inspired from anyone in my life. I always inspire from myself because I know I can do everything that I want. I was inspired from my mind before starting my research work i examine my ability and I came to the point that I am going do this. A very interesting thing about me is that everyone thinks that I have got good percentage in my Exams but I never got good marks in my life I have got only 60 percent in matric and 75 percent in my FSc. I never believe in good marks, I believe in excellence only

Message to youth:

Ehsam presenting his work at GIKI

Presentation of research

Set a goal, believe in yourself and just go for should be the limit and be proud being a Pakistani. Serve for your nation, don’t think for yourself always and for science students only I will tell that make new researches in your fields.


G-Bianz glare in AKU-EB SSC and HSSC Examinations 2011

The Talented High Achieving Students of Gilgit Baltistan made all GBianz proud

In the SSC and HSSC examinations 2011 conducted by AKU-EB (Aga Khan University Examination Board) the young Shining stars of Gilgit Baltistan showed the fullest of their abilities and gave surprizing results at national Level. The Students of Giligit Baltistan Grabbed more than 26 positions all over. This is a miraculous achievement in the educational history of Gilgit Baltistan.
These achievements show the abilities of the students of the region and give a strong message that Gilgit Baltistan has the future!!
The OEC officials emmensly congratulate all the achieveres and feels proud of all of them. We wish and pray that this process continues and even improves further. The OEC requests all the achievers to keep the feelings for our wonderful G-B in your hearts and work further hard to take GB to the best possible heights.
As said by Sir Mir Baiz ,

We will make You a place for the world to see.

List of the High Achievers are given bellow.

Subject Topers


  • Mohd Mehdi .AKHSS Gilgit. ISlamiyat and maths
  • Irum Baig ,AKHSS Hunza, Pakistan Studies.
  • Shazia AKHSS Hunza, Physics.
  • Soniya AKHSS Hunza, Chemistry.


  • Shabana.  AKHSS Hunza, Urdu.
  • Mohd Sadiq. AKHSS,Gilgit. Pakistan Studies, chemistry ,biology and physics


  • Nasir Abbas, AKHSS Gilgit, Maths,
  • Adil Shah .AKHSS, ghk Physics and chemistry
  • Shahid Iqbal AKHSS Gilgit, Principles of accounting
  • Mohd hassan AKHSS Gilgit, Maths


  • Asma Gulab , AKHSS,Hunza. English and Biology.
  • Nelufar Raza ,  Akhss, Hunza Chemistry.
  • Mohd Qasim.  Akhss,Gilgit. Islamiyat.
  • Basharat Khan. Akhss,Gilgit Maths.
  • Mehnaz Hasrat. Akhss,ghk Physics
  • Ali Hassan Butt , Akhss,alt , (Commercial geography, principles of economics, principles of commerce, business mathematics and banking)
  • Abdul Muneem.  AKHSS Gilgit. Business statitics.
  • Khalid Hussain. AKHSS Gilgit, banking.
  • Tahir Zaman , AKHSS Gilgit. Commercial Geography

Overall Positions :

  • Mohd Sadiq.  Akhss,glt 3rd position in Science group SSC 1
  • Asma Gulab , AKHSS,Hunza. 1st position in Pre-medical HSSC
  • Nelufar Raza AKHSS,H 2nd position in pre-engineering HSSC
  • Arifa aziz 1st poistion, SEDNA hunza. Science General
  • Benish rahman 2nd position SEDNA in science general
  • Anila 3rd SEDNA in science general


Picture of some of the students  with Shehzad Roy

The High Achievers picture with Shehzad Roy

For a Gilgit school, the wait for teachers seems unending

For the 100 students at Boys Primary School Konodas, there are seven teachers. Of them, only two teachers were in school last week, while the rest were “about to return soon.”

With such few teachers, there is little to do in class and majority of the students were seen wandering outside the classroom. But despite this, the students seem determined and have high aspirations. “I want to be a doctor and for that I need to get admission in a good school after my primary education,” said a fifth grade student Shahzeb, seemingly sure of his future plans.

The parents, however, are grateful for what they have. Essa Khan, whose child studies at the school said that he was lucky the education was free. “What else could a man like me do, but to avail the opportunity? Do you think I can afford to enrol my son in a private school?” he said.

The school is barely 100 meters away from the central directorate of education of the capital city. For the schools located in remote valleys of district Diamer, Astore, Ghizer and Ghanche, the condition is much worse.

Often during winters, schools in the valley remain cut off due to heavy snowfall. Despite the harsh winters, there are many schools without buildings, drinking water, furniture and other basic facilities.

Government claims

According to the 1998 census, the literacy rate in the region was 37 per cent, but the education department claims that it has now increased to 50%.

Chief Minister Mehdi Shah says that education is the topmost priority of his government, with 11.4% of the budget allocated to education. Shah claims his government has resolved the decades-long issues of teachers, enabling them to concentrate on education instead of politics.

But there are some things that go contrary to the government’s claims. In the heart of Gilgit city, the region’s first educational institution, a primary school built in 1893 that was later upgraded to a high school, was demolished for “security reasons” and to meet modern-day requirements. Historians call the school the “Aligarh University” of the region. But nearly nine years after the building was demolished, the structure lies incomplete.

Number of schools

Presently, the district has 1,300 primary schools in valleys across the region, with over 2,800 teachers employed of whom 1,000 are women. The qualification of most of the teachers in the primary schools ranges from Matriculation to a B.A.  Students enrolled in these schools are 82,071, of which more than 40,000 are girls, according to government statistics.

Edited by Zehra Abid

Published in The Express Tribune, October 17th, 2011.


A Quest for Change | Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry by a Young Thinker of G-B

A Quest for Changepoetry by zahra hunzaiThe Poetess is a student and belongs to Hunza, she is profound in her thoughts and expressions.  She has written many other prose and OEC blog will keep discovering such wonderful Pearls of the north..

If you have such valuable inscriptions of you, please feel free to share with us.

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A Pakistani-Russian tourist couple visiting the northern areas of Pakistan has said they will always remember a cup of tea offered to them by the police at a check post in Chilas Valley.

“It was an unforgettable experience which will always remind us of the hospitality and kindness of Gilgit-Baltistan’s (G-B) people. Even in the most civilised countries, the police is not so hospitable and friendly,” said Vera Mayantal, a Russian tourist currently visiting G-B with her husband Raza Ali, a Pakistani settled in Russia since 1996. Ali, 42, has travelled to 65 countries so far.

However, he claimed he had not met such friendly and welcoming people in the entire world. “The people welcome you with open arms and I am surprised that such a beautiful place with such friendly people does not have any foreign visitors,” he said. Perturbed over the projection of Pakistan’s negative image in the media, the couple has set out on a five-month motorbike tour with a sole mission to explore the ‘soft and positive side’ of the country. “This place and its people are totally different from what the media (local and foreign) portrays them to,” they said while talking to journalists at the Gilgit Press Club. “We were advised not to travel to Pakistan when we were planning the trip, but we were ready to face the consequences,” said Ali, adding that he along with his wife will shoot a documentary to project a positive image of Pakistan in foreign media.

 The couple also said they were impressed by the attractive landscape and rich culture of the region. However, they were of the view that the road network and communication facilities needed to be improved to increase tourism in the area. “We needed to send an email and there was no internet café in the entire area. When we finally found one the electricity got suspended, while the generator also broke down, forcing us to leave without finishing our work,” Ali said. Regarding Pakistan’s image among Russians following the Russian disintegration, the couple said Pakistan was not directly blamed, but it was considered as America’s supporter in the war on terror.

Read at Source: Expres Tribune

Who is an Assistant Commissioner ?By Zameer Abbas

“Sir the power generator has stopped working”. “Sir a protest rally of about 200 people is coming to your office chanting slogans”. “Sir the commissioner is on the way “. “Sir please we need your support before the December is closed ”. “Sir, the Patwari noted my name but I haven’t received any relief so far “ “ Sir ………..

These are the workaday requests which dictate how a public servant named Assistant Commissioner (AC) spends his day. The agenda is decided for him and not by him. Recently a friend of me asked “what exactly are you supposed to do?” I said I worked with police for the administration of the area, for want of a better description. She Okayed the answer then but when I told her I was going to a remote place with doctors to enquire into reported deaths of infants, she was again confused as to what exactly I was entitled to do. This time I didn’t explain because I was not with the police as I had told her earlier.

You can expect any thing coming your way in what is called administration. It can be anything under the sun and there may be departments purely set up to handle it but people always look up to you for redress. Being at the helm of AC for almost three years, I have found that the job is very thankless besides being overly multifarious. Willy-nilly the AC has to poke his nose almost everywhere. While it may give a super-hero impression to the public it doesn’t help the person himself. The problem of another department becomes your own. Their weakness plays against your reputation exposing you the ire of the public. Recently, the equation has been rendered more complex after the area was given the status of a quasi-province. Little-known leaders of political parties have jumped onto the top positions of power in the region. The same persons who couldn’t visit the offices of ACs and DCs without prior permission now exercise command not only over them but also over their bosses.

This has necessitated the need for a harmonious relationship between the officer concerned and the MNA or worse still any MNA from the ruling party of the area. If the relationship is not good (mainly because the officer hasn’t granted special favors to the cronies of the area MNA) , the officer has to face anything ranging from ridicule in front of the public to conspiracies of all sorts. This either leads to a show-down with the area MNA or the department concerned posts the officer to another area.

While the job of a Public Administrator may have all the pomp and show from outside, it is beset with all sorts of strings attached to it. Sometimes you think you are royal, while at times your worth seems nothing more than rank-and-file!


Zameer Abbass,

Assistant Commissioner, Kharmang

(Disclaimer: This is personal opinion of writer, it doesn’t necessarily reflect his or our official view)

An Inspirational Boy Scout

Recently The OEC blog met an inspirational Boy Scout belonging to Gilgit Baltistan, who had been keen in scouting since his childhood, now after graduation he still has the same enthusiasm towards scouting, for him scouting is the fuel that runs his life and scouting is the way he learns living the real life. We prefer you all to read these worthless words with him and we are very much assured that this interview will enlighten you and increase your knowledge about scouting and its importance for the youth.

OEC Blog team: Tell us about yourself.

Boyscout Zahir standing in uniform

Scout Zahir Shah

Zahir: I am Zahir Shah, I belong to Gulmit Gojal. I did my graduation from School of Management, Forman Christian College Lahore. Formally I got affiliated with scouting in 2003 at Shah Karim Hostel Gilgit and scouting is my passion now. Recently I took part in Wood Badge Training Course with Punjab Boy Scouts Association to complete the first phase of wood badge. My hobbies are reading, cooking and hiking.


OEC Blog team: Tell us about the basics of scouting, its aims and objectives.

Zahir: Scouting is an international movement that provides a platform for constructive activities for the youth.  Its founder Lord Baden Powel was a Lieutenant in British Army and during a war in Africa he realised the strengths of the youth and organised them on the platform later on.

 Its aims and objectives are so special as it strives for the Spiritual, Social, Intellectual and Physical development of scouts through a systematised mechanism. Keeping in view the spiritual development Lord BP made it mandatory to have faith in God (religion) for individuals to become a scout.

OEC Blog team: How did you start your involvement in scouting and what inspired you about scouting?

Zahir: Since my childhood I have been engaged in community works and volunteer activities therefore, indirectly I was part of the local scouts group. But it was the year 2003 when our seniors at Shah Karim Hostel decided to revive the history of the scouts group because, the group was almost non functional by that time. Fortunately, I was part of the team that organised the Ismaili Boy Scouts Group Shah Karim Hostel Gilgit. Thus formally I got registered there.

 Almost every aspect of scouting inspired me. The notion that scout is resourceful  and manages to live in what so ever condition and contribute in every aspect possible to one’s surrounding served the basis for constant motivation. Besides, it is a channel that make practical every thing taught to me by my religion.

OEC Blog team: What are your major achievements in scouting?

Zahir: I won the Chief Commissioner’s Award Gilgit-Baltistan in 2004. So far I consider my greatest achievement to be my attachment to the thread itself even after challenging scenarios.


OEC Blog team: How does scouting help in personality grooming and how did it affect your personality in particular?

Zahir: Scouting helps a person in becoming self reliant, it builds leadership qualities, and it helps in building bridge between personal values and societal values. It does so by flourishing a sound ethical and moral base for an individual. As a child I was too much shy and aloof from every kind of sports or creative activities. But, scouting opened new horizons to me and that enabled me to be what I am today; much more expressive, confidence in my abilities and a hope for playing a constructive role in my society.

flag of honour is means to be the best of the day in scouting

Zahir recieving flag of honour during wood badge camping

OEC Blog team: How does scouting affect education of an individual? Share with us your experiences.

Zahir: For me education is the holistic grooming of individual, and scouting promises to deliver the maximum holistic development. It aids the formal education process with co-curricular activities, athletics and sports. Interestingly, during the years of my constant involvement with youth programs, social events and camping via this platform my academic performance was excellent compared to the phases I was aloof from it. Similar was the case with a scout Amir from Agriculture University Faisalabad whose academic performance has improved ever since he joined scouting. That is because of the challenges we get exposed to. There is no option but to live life each moment, complete every duty assigned by life and move forward.


OEC Blog team: Please shortly share with us a memorable incident that ever took place during your scouting?

Zahir: It was December 2004, and we were in Singul Punyal for the Gold Medal and Chief Commissioner Award Camping. I became the Senior Patrol Leader SPL willingly and my responsibilities included everything; announcements, camp cleanliness, class arrangements,  serving meal and lot more. I never knew it was going to be hectic role and I was already disappointing the course leader Sir Muhammad Wali.

He summoned me and expressed his dissatisfaction regarding my duty, which disheartened me and I could hardly stop my tears. I got determined to leave scouting and I developed a  phobia from his presence. Nevertheless, I carried on with whatever I could do to complete my duty. And when we were saying the formal goodbye the last day he gently shock hands with me and advised me to be careful about my duty. His tone and reaction was very friendly that to this day I have never experienced phobia from any of my teachers or elders.

From that day I understood that whatever your elders do for you is done with a purpose and our success is behind carrying out their instructions whole heatedly.


OEC Blog team: What is the scope of scouting in GB? How can scouting contribute to the youth affairs in GB?

Zahir: GIlgit-Baltistan has great potential for scouting and there is so much scouting can contribute back to the region. Firstly, the changing dynamics of the region in terms of politics and structure needs well prepared young generation to be active participant in constructive development of the region. Scouting with its motto “Be Prepared” is the platform for the youth to pursue their service for GB. Secondly, the diverse cultural and ethnic population require mutual understanding on one platform and again there can be no other platform well suited than scouting to integrate youth from every corner of GB. Furthermore, GB is an area most vulnerable to natural disasters, and our responsibility is to become self reliant during such phases. Therefore, it is the responsibility of youth to be well equipped mentally, socially and physically to confront those challenges and render services. Scouting can prove helpful for the youth of GB in this regards too.


OEC Blog team: What are the challenges that scouting is facing in GB?

Zahir: My little understanding highlights few challenges, the first category relates to the masses that include parents unwillingness to send their child to scouting and  lack of realizing the importance of the movement for development of the youth. Secondly, there is lack of trainers who could constantly give coverage to the districts.


OEC Blog team: How do you think can these problems be solved?

Zahir: For the first set of problems motivational schemes need to run. For example, we have boy scouts and Shaheens who have won Presidential Gold Medals or other accolades and the fact that these lifetime achievements at a very young age could be gained through scouting could persuade the parents and youth to get into scouting. Moreover, there are international programs for the best performers where the scouts are taken on official visit to another country and given chance to have educational and cultural  interaction, and Hajj service. If people get to know about these beneficial and value added aspects then the first set of challenges could be over come.

For the second set of issues our scouts who have gone through the process for sometime and have taken the responsibilities of guiding the youth need to constantly get engaged in development of scouting. Because there are several leaders who after getting training get busy with their own professional lives. Thus not sharing the sheer experience to the later generation. In this regards our Provincial Headquarter could also do better through utilizing the current leaders based on the trainers availability in their region.


OEC Blog team: What are your plans to pursue your career in scouting ahead in your life?

Zahir: Since scouting is a volunteer movement thus majority of the members serving in various capacity give their service voluntarily, except few professionals who control the offices and the network. Inshallah I will remain affiliated with scouting as a volunteer through out my life. My plan is to contribute in my little capacity to our youth and I will pursue it with scouting.

OEC Blog team: What is your message for the students of Gilgit Baltistan?

Zahir: My teacher used to tell me, “Be honest, Work Hard and Avail Opportunities” and if you do so along with respecting your parents, teachers and your time. No power of the world will hinder your path to success.

Zahir The OEC Blog team is very much thankful to you for the time and efforts that you provided in make this interview  successful, we wish you best of luck in your career and we wish every youth of GB gets the inspiration from you and adopts scouting the way you have adopted and we wish our readers would have got enlightened after reading the thoughts Zahir has shared with us.     

                                                      Thank You