Inspiration | First Position Holder Of Premedical(I) KIU Examination Board 2011

A Student of  Sedna Public School, Gilgit
|Saima Kamal|

First position holder in Pre-Medical(I) at KIU Examination Board 2011

Saima Kamal  studied her middle school from D.J School Sost, She passed  SSC from Hasegawa Memorial Public School, Karimabad under KIU Board and for HSSC She is currently at Sedna Public School Jutial, Gilgit affiliated KIU Board.

Her Message:

“Education counts a lot in some ones personal development. By education positive things come in. An appropriate human nature and behavior are possible only with the help of education.”


” Success is to work hard to achieve your dreams.

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Bimonthly Think-In: Anila Shafa First Female LUMS NOP Scholar of GB(Part Two)

 An Exclusive Interview with
First female LUMS NOP Scholar from GB

|Anila Shafa|

Part Two

In part one, she discussed about her background, reason behind pursuing education at LUMS, and majoring in Economics. Additionally, she explained about her ideal/dream job, and  inspiration in life. Furthermore, she presented her definition of success.

To Read Part One Click Here

Part Two

Educure: The toughest time of your education? And what motivated you while facing a challenging situation?

Whenever I had to compete with a pool of students from various regions inside and outside Northern areas, I have found it hard. Starting from admitting to AKHSS, appearing in board examinations, sitting among thousands of students from all over Pakistan for an entrance exam and until now. All of such times have been passed through with a zeal of hard work which was and is a motivation resulted from the only asset that I provide my parents with; “Happiness”.

Educure: Has money got a role in one’s education?

Quite so. Education is one of the two necessities; the other being health, whose monetary value is increasing every day. Acquiring education is made possible because of money, either be it money paid by the student or one through a scholarship program. One or the other has to pay whatever the source of money is. Therefore, I must say money has a crucial role in one’s education.

Akhss Hunza

Educure: How would you compare Local and foreign universities? Given the choice would you prefer a local or foreign university?

The extent of diversity of students, the faculty and the atmosphere differentiate local and foreign universities. Local universities accommodate lower degree of diversity among students compared to the foreign ones. Local faculty may or may not be as competent as foreign one. While, no such distinctions can be made explicit, until and unless we are not considering the Ivy League institutions or the best of UK which undoubtedly are the world’s best institutions in all aspects.

Personally, I would prefer a foreign university due to the notion that exposure is the key to grooming. And that exposure is surely strength of universities abroad.

Educure: In your opinion what are the challenges currently faced by upcoming students?

In terms of study, I am of the opinion that students do not know how to perform certain tasks in the correct ways. There is no lack of information, knowledge or awareness in them, rather they are utterly confused of what should they pursue and how might that be possible at the required time.

Educure: In your opinion what is education?

It is a blend of knowledge, awareness and personal growth which is capable of solving timely hitches leading to a successful and smooth pathway ready to take more challenges ahead of time.

Educure: How has education changed your life in terms of character and quality of living?

Education has built me and my character particularly. It has broadened my horizons, groomed my personality, awarded and prepared me for all possible challenges that may come my way at any point in time in my life. In terms of quality of life, education has taught me to maximize utility from minimal and scarce resources. Thus, it has improved my character and quality of life.

Educure: What is failure? Have u ever failed in your life? What have you learned from your failures?

Failure is only a demotivating word for me. I would prefer using unsuccessful instead. And I take it as being not successful ‘yet’. I have been unsuccessful in my life many a times. Being unsuccessful has given me motivation and more optimism towards being successful in future. Also, it has compelled me to put in greater effort and made me dream higher and has enlightened me with more hopes.

Educure: Are you planning on coming back to GB to serve your people? If yes How?

I am hoping to serve my people back in GB. I am a believer in community service and voluntary work. It gives me satisfaction of heart. I would like to spend my semester breaks in teaching and counseling my juniors as much as I can.

After my graduation, I would like to work in AKDN along with continuing my voluntary work which I consider my duty besides a hobby.

Educure: What volunteer or social activities have helped you develop professional skills?

I taught the students of my village basic grammar and spoken English for a month during my higher secondary school years. Later, I have been teaching students at home during my semester breaks. Moreover, I am a part of LCSS and LUMS arts society in which I assist arranging various events held during the semester. Also, I visit SOS children’s village weekly to spend some time with the kids who need moral support. I have also been a part of the project of ‘MY WORLD, MY CHOICE’. This project aims at creating awareness among young generation throughout the developing countries. Furthermore, I was a counselor of the TCF (The Citizens Foundation) students during the LUMS open day. Currently, I am volunteering in CSO (Career Services Office) at LUMS to assist get done the career events held in the university. Apart from that I have also volunteered for many social events here at LUMS such as the MBA marketing colloquium.

Educure: Favorite time pass/hobby?

Voluntary work and community service.

Educure: Your vision for your life and your community?

My society has been a victim of crippling poverty, exponential inflation, high levels of political corruption and a crumbling economic system. I have an optimistic outlook for this society and its women in light of an economic revolution which I would someday like to be capable of bringing about myself.

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OEC Gets New Executive Council For Year 2012-13


The OEC authorship

Students Update                                                                                                   17 Jan 2012

|OEC Gets New Executive Council

OEC Press Release

On Sunday, 15th January 2012, OEC team gathered to elect a new Executive Council. OEC aims to help younger students of the GB region in getting proper access to education related information and other issues of the students. On this occasion, the retiring Executive body, coordinators, directors and other members were also present.

The meeting started with Sir Saranjum’s live address from USA. He addressed the OEC team about motivation and importance of continuous change of faces. He also told the OEC team that they can run OEC in parallel with their personal and professional lives. Afterwards Imtiaz Ali gave the agenda of the meeting. Discussion of the newly proposed council pursued; at the end of which the new official team was announced. Views of all members present were taken. The outgoing Team members were congratulated for their excellent efforts in the development of the organization while the new office bearers were congratulated and wished best of luck for the future.

Following which the team discussed current issues faced by the organization. Most members agreed on the importance of sustainability of the organization and emphasized on putting more efforts towards it. Kashif Essa talked about open criticism in the organization, Naubahar Rafi highlighted the issue of lack of output measurement of different projects. Regular change in the organization was emphasized by Imran Ahmed. Naveed Hussain talked about the lack of responsibility shown in some cases. Syed Naveed Shah brought forward the issue of sponsorship for the organization. Sartaj Karim said registration should be done on emergency basis. Tanveer Nawaz highlighted the lack of diversity in the team. Tajjallee suggested the publication of newsletters and brochures for the coverage of OEC activities. Jibran Hayat encouraged gradual development in the organization but he added that sustainable development should take place along with gradual development. Zia Mohd gave a financial overview of the organization. Nur Mohd also joined the team and shared his precious ideas with the team.
Different issues were discussed informally throughout the refreshment.

New OEC Central Executive Body

President: Jibran Hayat
Vise President: Syed Naveed Shah
Information Sectary: Bushra Ali
Central Executive Director: Kashif Essa

Monitoring & Advisory Body:

Imtiaz Ali
Nadeem Gul
Tajjallee Abid
Naubahar Rafi
Zia Muhammad

Patron In Chief on the recommendation of OEC General Council,  announced and approved the OEC Executive Council for the year 2012-2013.  He wished all the new office bearers best of luck for the future and hoped that OEC will reach new heights of excellence under their leadership.

He  congratulated the outgoing cabinet for their stupendous accomplishments during the previous years and wished them the best for their future endeavors.

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Students Update : M Khalid Of Chitral Invents Avalanch Alarming System

The OEC authorship

  Students Update                                                                                    Innovations          


|Mohammad Khalid|

The young inventor explains his invention“It will help to minimise the devastation caused by avalanches,” said Mohammad Khalid, who has a master degree in electronics from University of Peshawar.

He claimed that he had put the machine to proper experimental verifications. “The machine can preempt movement of an avalanche within a radius of one kilometre. It will also help to remove the potential danger of floods caused by avalanches and glacier outbursts,” he claimed.

Mr Khalid told Dawn that the machine worked on the principle of resonance. It could be used to preempt the uncontrolled sliding and slipping of snow mass down the mountains to human settlements, he said.

Resonance is a natural phenomenon in which a system vibrates with larger amplitude when synchronised with the frequency of another.

He said that the sound waves of different frequencies were transmitted to the nearby glacier within a range of one kilometre and the snow mass was pushed to slip down by the resonant frequency.

Mr Khalid said that most valleys of Chitral district were highly vulnerable to the hazard of avalanches. In the recent past, avalanches have caused devastations in the villages of Sonughur, Booni and Washich in the upper parts of the district.

He recalled that in the year 2005, the avalanches washed away the larger part of Washich village and caused death to more than 60 persons. The preemption method could minimise the devastation as people would have enough time to move to safer places, he added.

Mr Khalid said that the machine through standing waves phenomenon could sense the danger of avalanches during rain. He said that the system was fully automatic and powered by a 12 volts rechargeable battery. The battery is charged by a solar battery. The machine has two antennas, standing waves generators, frequency generator and automatic reset.

Regarding the cost of the machine, he said that it cost only Rs10,000 while its upgraded and sophisticated version could be sold at Rs50,000 on commercial scale.

He said that machine had been named as `glacier abstain system` but it would be properly renamed when put to common use.

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Scholarship Update: LUMS NOP Announced Selection Process for Batch 2012

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Scholarship Updates                                                                                            Resources                                                                                        

Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

National Outreach Program Inquiry, Batch 2012

NOP Website

Application Form


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An exclusive interview with US Global Undergrad Cultural Ambassadors

The OEC authorship

 Bimonthly Think-In: Exclusive                                                                    4 Jan 2012

An exclusive interview with US Global Undergrad Cultural Ambassadors
|Sajid, Aqeela, Sumara |


Global UGRAD Exchange Students of Gilgit-Baltistan

Nine brilliant students selected by Global UGRAD Exchange Program have departed to US to continue their studies in various colleges and universities in a full-time one semester non degree program. These students include Aqeela Muheen, Aniqa Ghulam, Sajid Ali , Kaleem Ullah, Abdul Mateen, Amna Yar Baig, Sumara Kanwal,Yasmeen and Mohsin Hassan. Aqeela and Aniqa, are the students of Fatima Jinnah University, Rawalpindi, in BS Environmental Sciences and BS Economics respectively. Sajid and Kaleem are part of GC, University Lahore doing BS Chemistry and BS Economics, respectively. Abdul Mateen BS Phy, Amna & Sumara BS CS and Yasmeen BS Bio are from Karakuram International University, Gilgit while Mohsin is doing Electrical Engineering from UET, Taxila. The EDUCURE asked a few questions from the students before their departure to the U.S. Aqeela Muheen and Sajid Ali and Sumara Kanwal were available to have a talk with us. Their collective interview is presented here for the readers.

The Educure: How do you feel to be part of Global UGRAD Exchange Program?

Aqeela: “I feel pretty good and of course, feel proud of being one of the selected students of this exchange program and I’m also excited enough to explore life in US”

Sajid: “I feel extremely privileged and excited about my selected among thousands of the candidates throughout the country. This selection is always an honor and prestige”.

Sumara: “I’m really happy as one of my dreams is coming true and this is one of the first steps toward my success”

Educure: What do you think is your role as an exchange student/cultural ambassador abroad and how would you accomplish this very task?

Aqeela: “Well, my role as an exchange student is of course to represent my country in a better way, to understand the cultural aspects of both the countries. To accomplish this task I will try my best to present each and every aspect of our culture and will be embodiment of peaceful people”

Sajid: “Well, an ambassador is always representative. Since, this is a cultural cum academic program so we will keep remembering the motto; Academic Excellence, Cultural Coherence and Exchange”

Educure: Would you like to tell us what was the uniqueness or capability that brought you among   the few selected students from a high-pool of candidates?

Aqeela:  Yeah, that’s an interesting question. I feel, I always have a strong commitment towards any task in my life. I really wished to be selected for this program. When I was in the first semester of my bachelors, I applied for it but couldn’t get selected due to form-incompletion. I got disappointed but was resilient enough to apply again and got selected.  I think, if you have strong commitment and devotion towards any task, then surely success is all yours.
Sajid:  I think it was my representation skills and originality in me. I remained truthful and straight-forward my interview and other necessary formalities.
Sumara: Getting this job done is not a big deal; it’s deep in our blood as we all are human beings. I am blessed with the spirit of hard work and lots of encouragement and support from my family, friends and my teachers which is the only reason of my selection.

Educure:  Any message would you like to convey for the students who are interested to be  part of such programs of the kind?

Aqeela:  This is such an auspicious and outstanding program that enables a student to learn a lot. A good opportunity to have enough exposure, experience and learn among different nationalities and cultures. Do apply and avail the opportunity, you will see the difference
Sajid : My message to the desirous students is that socialize your life as much as you can, only bookish knowledge is not enough for a successful life.
Sumara:  I would request all to keep working hard, as a day comes when you have the fruit of hard work in your hand and the day comes when you are proud of what you are.

Sumara: My role as an exchange student/cultural ambassador is to share the rich things of my culture and to learn the diversity in the US, to learn the best things and in turn, try to implement them back in my homeland.

By Naveed Hussein

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