ABM organized a “Drawing Competition” at Khubaib Public School

Students Update: ABM organized a highly innovative “Drawing Competition” at Khubaib Public School, Skardu

As per practice, All Baltistan Movement organized a highly innovative drawing competition this year. The competition was held at Khubaib College Skardu on 5th August 2012. The Chief Guest at the event was Ms Shireen Fatima (Member GBLA). Around, 70 students from different schools in Skardu participated in the event.  The competition was divided into two categories based on the ages of  participants: Category A (Age 8-11) and Category B (age 12-15). The results of the competition are as following:

Category A (Age 8-11)

Theme: Historical Places of Pakistan

1st Position: Maryam Rizvi (Pepperdine School Network Skardu)
2nd Position: Saadat Ali (Tameer-e-Millat Public school Skardu)
3rd Position: Ayaz Ali (Pepperdine School Network Skardu)

Category B (age 12-15)

Theme: How earth will look like after 50 years

1st Position: Raina Dildar (Almustafa Girls Public School Skardu)
2nd Position: Maryam Batool (Alqalam Public School Skardu)
3rd Position: Rizwan Ali (Khubaib College Skardu).

A large number of guests appreciated and admired the artistic skills of young students. They lauded the genuine efforts of Team ABM.

Source: All Baltistan Movement(ABM)

Young Reformers organized Bright Career Educational Expo in Gilgit

On 5th August 2012, another bright side of education emerged in the form of Young Reformers towards the betterment of Gilgit-Baltistan. Young Reformers is a group of GB students from 30 top universities of Pakistan. Their passion towards the development of students was reflected by their first grand educational expo “YR’s BRIGHT CAREER EDUCATIONAL EXPO” held in Rupal Inn Hotel, Gilgit.

Event  started with the warm welcome of guests. Inception ceremony was held for guests including government officials, board toppers of different institutes of Gilgit-Baltistan, social workers, delegates of top universities of Pakistan. Sadia Danish, Youth Minister, was respected chief guest. Then event “BRIGHT CAREER EDUCATIONAL EXPO” was officially opened for guests to interact with YR team. Hall was arranged in such manner to hold crowd. Delegates of Young Reformers team were running desks to represent 30 top Universities of Pakistan. Guests walked towards them for gather information about all career prospects of different modern and latest fields. Event was light and interactive; students from any field were not left behind. Parents also interacted with delegates to get themselves informed about career options for their growing kids.

On official note, it was announced that more than 1500 students participated in expo. Event was overall successful and Team thanked all guests for making it part history.

Ashfaq Hussain and Imtiaz Ali topped their respective fields at KIU Matric Examination 2012

Global Higher Secondary School, Danyore and High School Konodas Ghanchay take the lead in Science and Humanities Group respectively at KIU SSC-II Examination 2012.

In Science Group:

M. Ishfaq Hussain, a student of Global High Secondary School Danyore topped the examinations  by scoring 921 marks out of 1,050.

Khadim Hussain student of the same school got second position by scoring 885 marks

Ms. Sonina Mir of D.J High School Oshikhandas stood third with 859 marks.

In Humanities:

Imtiaz Ali,  a student of High School Konodas Ghanchay stood first with 749 marks.

Kumail Abbas from F.G Boys High School Ampharee Gilgit obtained second position with 746 marks.

Sundas Saba from F.G Girls High School Kashrote got the third position with 745 marks.

Source: Pamir TImes

The Hardest and The Lightest Material invention

Dark Matter

Photograph courtesy Stefanie Maack, CAU

Jet black and highly porous, a piece of Aerographite almost completely absorbs the beam from a green laser in a 2012 picture.

The new champion in the “lightest in the world” category, the carbon-based material is the recent creation of a team of scientists from Germany’s University of Kiel and Hamburg University of Technology.

“Even very thin specimens of Aerographite are fully opaque for the eye,” said Hamburg’s Matthias Mecklenburg.

Unlike a sponge, which would “leak” or “glow” any light aimed at it, Aerographite is “not a bit transparent,” he said.

But, he added, our hands would hardly register its “fluffy,” spongelike surface, because the innovative material is practically weightless.

Electrically conductive and lighter than the previous titleholder—a nickel-based material introduced earlier this year—Aerographite has promising applications in the engineering of batteries and water-purification systems, as well as in biotechnology.

News published on : www.nationalgeographic.com

Team Young Reformers visits Academies at Kashrote

Team Young Reformers visits Academies at Kashrote, Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan
A group of students studying in leading universities of country successfully organized a series of career counseling sessions at various academies and schools of Kashrote. Also, they asked students to attend their grant Educational Expo at Rupal Inn 5th of August 2012.

The official social media page of Team Young Reformers reported that:
“Despite of scorching heat the energies of valiant Reformers were not belittled & ‘maximum community participation phenomenon’ was ensured, achieved and will be felt pride in.
Team had some fruitful discussions with 9th/10th grade students from different academies. The students were avid to know about the opportunities they can avail at Matric & Inter level. Students were told about various prestigious Universities, their induction procedure & the scholarship opportunities.

Further, it said that “Team also instigated students to attend the upcoming grand event ‘EDUCATIONAL EXPO’ by Young Reformers at Rupal Inn. Team aims to visit all the schools in this part of city as soon as they get open.
At last, Team thanked to their delegate from Kashrote ‘IKRAM-UL-HAQ’ who assisted them throughout their visit & made things executable”

It is indeed a great initiative of Team YR to inform students about various educational and career opportunities. It will add to development, prosperity and peace in Gilgit-Baltistan.

OEC Summer Dialogue II, GCCE Gilgit

After, successfully conducting the first session of OEC Summer Dialogue, OEC conducted the second session of OEC Summer Dialogue in Gilgit at Gilgit College of Commerce and Economics (GCCE) on 19th July from 11am to 2pm. The session was open to people of all ages. More than 100 students along with OEC members and good will partners attended the session. Goodwill Partners who attended the session included Mr.Mehfuz Dar, Mr.Sajjad Haider and Mr.Shah Zaman. The Patron in Chief, Mr. Saranjam presided over the session. The Summer Dialogue is an initiative of Mr. Saranjam Baig, who started it with an aim to find out “where we want to see OEC after 30 years”. This 30 years planning of OEC has been named “OEC VISION 2040”. The dialogue was welcomed by the audience who participated energetically in the session.

After discussing the outcome of the first session of OEC SUMMER DIALOGUE participants have suggested the following points. OEC OEC will be a center for philanthropy. OEC will have no luxurious offices and vehicles. More and more members will be inducted in to OEC and OEC will develop itself in to a brand name for other organizations to emulate. Educure Participants of the OEC Summer Dialogue II agreed with the conclusion of the first session that Educure magazine will evolve into a research journal which will publish research papers. Moreover, the participants emphasized that Educure should be available in the far flung areas of GB. OEC BLOG As discussed in the first session of OEC Summer Dialogue, OEC BLOG will help to develop a habit of reading among the youth. Pictorial depiction of things will be uploaded on the BLOG. A student suggested that OEC BLOG should also work on documentaries instead of focusing on conducting interviews.

Participants also suggested that a large bulk of the material present on the BLOG should be available in printed form. Apart from discussing “Vision 2040” participants also shared their success stories and their views about vision and education. Mr. Mahfouz told the participants his life story and the difficulties he faced during his education. Mr. Shah Zaman expressed his views about Volunteerism and his inspiration for creating the MILKY WAY Foundation. Mr.Sajjad Haider gave a brief background of OEC. He spoke about his first meeting with the founding members of OEC. Mr. Rashid Ali Haideri, an OEC Scholar, spoke about education and what education can do for society. The audience asked different questions from the OEC members. Students asked the members about the diversity in OEC and suggested that OEC should include members from all parts of GB. A student raised the issue that OEC awards scholarships to only those students who studying in the best universities of Pakistan, what about the students who could not get in to such universities?

Finally the Patron in Chief, Mr. Saranjam Baig concluded the session with the words that “dream big and never back down in the face of failure. Failing is not failure; failure is when one quits something because of defeats.” The third session of OEC Summer Dialogue will be held in the near at a different venue. After the successful completion of the SUMMER DIALOGUE, a document will be drafted for “OEC Vision 2040”.