OEC-GCCE Partnership scholarship

OEC-GCCE Partnership Scholarship

The OEC-IFL is very contented to announce The OEC-GCCE scholarship, this scholarship will be managed by mutual co ordination of OEC and IFL, The details of the scholarships are as below,

  • This scholarship will be awarded to students of GCCE (Gilgit College of Commerce and Economics)
  • The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of merit, need, vision, achievements and social activities/services of the student.
  • The scholarship will contain 90 percent fee waiver, while studying at GCCE
  • The scholarship will be awarded for one academic year. Next year the scholar would again need to participate in the scholarship award competition.
  •  Two students of every new entry in a batch will get the scholarship.
  • The OEC-IFL team will be independent in the selection process.IFL Scholarship

*The form can be downloaded from here..

OEC-GCCE Partnership Scholarshop Form Download