Press Release

[toggle title="Friday 8th June, 2012 Islamabad Pakistan - OEC Summer Dialogue - I"]

The first session of OEC Summer Dialogue was held at DE PAPE hotel Islamabad on 8th June from 4 t0 6 pm. Mr. Saranjam Baig Patron in Chief team OEC headed session. More than 20 members attended session alongwith Goodwill Partners Mr. Noor Muhammad and Mr. Hameed-u-din. The agenda of the session was an icebreaking for formulation of a 30 years plan for OEC termed as “Vision 2040? with speific questions of

Where we want to see OEC after 30 years and what should be the operational planning to take OEC to envisioned goals of Vision 2040?

The debate was open for each and every member. All the members actively participated in the discussion. On some points, few members disagreed in agreeable manner, however after the mutual consensus the team came to the following conclusions for first session and agreed to continue discussion in forthcoming sessions.

Organization for Educational Change(OEC)

OEC will be a brand and students will dream to tag themselves with this brand. OEC is making history and an example of philanthropy. We will develop OEC model in near future, making it a zero adminstrative costs philonthropy organization.

Apart from it, participants discussed each of five projects in detials: Educure, Educational Expo, Mobile Helpline, Blog, and Discovering Gilgit. It was concluded that making Educure a leading academic journal will be envisioned in vision 2040 document after further debate. Likewise, for Education Expo, the vision is to create a highly quality advisory brand. Further, it is proposed that OEC Mobile Helpline will be developed into highly advanced and computerized 24/7 free of cost career guidance service. Also, OEC Website and Blog are meant to highly interactive medium of sharing information and highlightinh the hidden talent of Gilgit-baltistan. Further, it was decided that two other projects: OEC Discover Gilgit-Baltistan and Scholarship program will be discussed in forth coming sessions alongwith furhter discusiion on aforemention projects and proposed ideas.

Finally, Patron in Chief conveyed a message that happiness is the hidden agenda of OEC. OEC is our baby, we need to nurture this baby well. We want to see OEC higher and higher and OEC will be our identity in future. Irrespective of luxuries, the impact of OEC will be more influential and striking than any other organization in future for economic prosperity, social and cultural integration, political stability and scientific development of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The first session of “OEC Summer Dialogue” was very successful and such sessions will be held throughout the summer in chunks to discuss operational planning to come up with carefully and meticulously drafted document of “Vision 2040? for Organization for Educational Change.