Educational Expo Aliabad And Karimabad Hunza

Team OEC  has scheduled its last event for summer session 2011 on 23rd and 24th of August in Hunza. The team members for this event included

  1. Jibran Hayat
  2. Nadeem Gul
  3. Iftikhar Hussein
  4. Atif Ayaz
  5. ImRan Hunzai
  6. Waseem Khan
  7. Nazia Wajid
  8. Saniya Yousaf
  9. Tarick Ameen
  10. M Aman
  11. Liaquat Kareem
  12. Sumair Alam
  13. Imtiaz Ali

The event covered following sessions:

  • Confidence Building measures
  • General Counseling
  • Individual Counseling

Aga Khan Education Services Pakistan(AKESP)
Gilgit College of Commerce and Economics(GCCE)


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5 Responses to Educational Expo Aliabad And Karimabad Hunza

  1. Imran Hunzai says:

    Superb initiative. It would be better if you could arrange similar sessions in the Nagar Valley and other remote areas. Places like Karimabad and Aliabad are already streamlined with organizations and people carrying out these kind of activities but we need to focus on the areas who, I feel, deserve such activities more.

  2. moin barcha says:

    this is really nice to explore education in our area, i request to all students of hunza should participate in this exibition held in Hunza. :)

  3. fatima fida says:

    its really awesome to aware students about different universities.

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