The Organization for Educational Change, a body of undergraduate students belonging to different regions of Gilgit-Baltistan; is working on provision of mass educational information for youth of Gilgit-Baltistan. Also, it is trying to define a role for students and youth for betterment of region. It has been a platform for the youth to express their talent, concerns and ideas for bringing a positive change in our region.
Following its objective and sensing wide importance of internet technology, the organization decided to launch its website and student magazine “THE EDUCURE”. Apart from this, the event provided an environment where the youth and leadership of region thoroughly discussed issues critical to peace, harmony and development of region.

An Overview:
The event started with the permission of the honorable Chief Guest Mr. Ijlal Husssain, Deputy Chief of the party at ED-Links Projects. He is one of counted people who earn their names for high attitude towards education, belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan. He also acted as Director at AKESP. The guest of honor, Rani Atiqa also joined the event. She is a well know lady with great contribution in the field of empowering women in these backward areas. She established Royal academy in Hunza. The Government Degree College was also one of her unforgettable step in women education. She also raised voice for the rights of women as member of executive commission.
The high profile people like Maulana Ataullah Shahab, also attended the event. He is member Gilgit – Baltistan Council, Leading of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam GB.
As the patron in chief, Sir SarAnjam Baig’s message was read by the OEC member Atif Ayaz. He is Head of Economics Department in Karakorum International University. He was very supportive from the beginning and it was only because of his support that we are able to materialize this idea in such a short time. He has done his masters in economics from university of Glasgow. He is right now pursuing his PhD from Clarmont University California USA.
Being students, and working on such a big project we needed guidance at every stage. So, we chose a group of professionals who guided and supported us throughout our journey. We call these professionals our Good will partners. Yasmeen Karim, Program manager in AKRSP, represented the good will partners of the OEC.
Aziz Ali Dad gave us honor with the review of the magazine.
From the OEC team, enormous efforts were put for the event success story. The OEC members have shown great dedication to their work from stage to the closing meeting. Imtiaz Ali as the president of the organization presented his speech on OEC Vision and Structure.
Jibran Hayat, the central executive director of OEC, explained the objectives of the organization and the structure put in place to achieve those objectives. He was followed by presentations of Zia Muhammed on Education Expo, Sabuhi Essa Khan on Awareness Expo, Syed Naveed Shah on Discovering Gilgit Baltistan and Iftikhar Hussain on OEC Helpline.
Nadeem Gul, the chief editor of the ‘The Educure’ Magazine and vice president of the OEC, gave an overview presentation of the magazine.
The core of the event E-launching the Educure was headed by Imran Hunzai. He presented the online magazine with description. With his help respected guests, Mr. Atta-ul-llah Shahab, M’am Rani Atiqa and Mr. Ijlal Hussain, launched the online magazine by clicking Launch button.
Jibran and Nadeem opened the floor for the guests. Every speaker came up with his point of view to his/her level of understanding. Questions were aroused about the OEC and The Educure. President OEC joined anchors for answering the questions asked by guests. In this session, the spoken guests were Brig(r)Hisamuulah Beyg, ADC IslamabadCapt(r)Shahbaz Tahir Nadeem, Sajjad Haider, Abdul Kareem, Azizullah Baig, and a Head of Madarassah. It continued for half an hour.
The Chief Guest Mr. Ijlal Hussain gave the comments on the magazine after the E-launching. He encouraged us with his great words and declared this initiative of magazine a great step in the history of GB.
Maulana Ataullah Shahab has also granted us with his precious knowledge. He commented on the OEC that it is an excellent step towards the unity of the youth in the GB. These types of activities are the need of time to motivate youngsters for higher education from higher universities for the development of GB.
Rani Atiqa also talked about the event. She congratulated our team for being enlightening in the hard and tough time on the GB. This was the need of time to come up the youth spirit especially from female side.
At the closing of the ceremony, vote of thanks was delivered by Kashif Essa, Coordinate of Islamabad. Event was opened by Tajjallee Abid and Atif Ayaz. Rest of event was conducted by Anila Baig and Sartaj Kareem. Other participating members were Naubahar Rafi and Tariq Ameen.

The program was organized to shape a role for youth and students of Gilgi-Baltistan for bringing a positive change in society. The comprehensive and insightful discussion among youth, student, intellectuals, political figures, professionals and academic personalities highlighted a certain issues where role of youth and students was critical. The major conclusions of discussion were:
I. The need of collective and integrated initiatives by youth and students of Gilgit-Baltistan to bring peace and harmony in the society.
II. The need of student and youth involvement in mass awareness and education Gilgit-Baltistan
III. The need to bridge gaps between student and youth with the political, intellectuals and bureaucrats of Gilgit-Baltistan.
In this regard all participants unanimously supported and appreciated the initiations of Organization for Educational Change by students and youth for Gilgit-Baltistan.
Finally the event not only introduced the initiative of Organization for Educational Change (OEC) by students of Gilgit-Baltistan, but, also provided a platform where the youth and leaderships of our region openly discussed many issues and problems faced by our region.

Collaborations: Agha Khan Foundation
Being a nascent body, the organization is full of ideas and energy but its lack professional, technical, and financial resources to execute its projects. But, our body is very lucky to have institutions like Aga Khan Foundation which extended not only technical expertise but also they backed our body with financial support. Throughout the journey of our organization the Aga Khan Foundation has been very generous in understanding the feeling and ideas of our students and youth. In this event of E- launching of Magazine and Website, the Agha Khan Foundation was key institution which supported us with financial, technical and professional resources. In particular Agha Khan Foundation sponsored the entire arrangements which include venue, refreshment and technical facilities for this event. It was indeed the collaboration of Agha Khan Foundation and kind support and guidance of Mr Azizullah Baig which led us to organize such a significant event.

Main Events:

During year 2009-2010, the team organized the following major events:

I. Formal launching ceremony magazine “THE EDUCURE”

II. Formal e-launching of website and magazine.

Formal Launching of the Educure:

This ceremony was held at Serena Hotel Gilgit on 16th January 2010. Quite a number of intellectuals, professionals, bureaucrats and students attended the ceremony. In this ceremony this organization presented its first product “the Educure” for the students and youth of Gilgit-Baltistan. All the dignitaries encouraged and appreciated the efforts of the team and extended their financial, technical and intellectual support for the organization. The Chief Guest of this event was Mr. Zafar Iqbal MD NATCO.

Formal e- Launching

To connect the local students and youth with our down country students, youth and professionals of GB who may be studying, working or living in down country and abroad, the team OEC decided to go online as well. So, we formally launched the project of E-magazine and Website of the organization on 6th February 2011 at Islamabad hotel, Islamabad. Mr. Ijal Hussein Deputy Chief of Party ED Link USAID presided over the ceremony and Miss Rani Atiqa and Maulana Atta ullah Shahab, the renowned columnist and political figure, were guests of honor.

With these events the team concluded its activities for year 2009-10.


The 2nd Edition of Educure magazine has been published online. Please click the above thumbnail to read it online.