The New Moon in Taurus Packs Dreamy, Positive Vibes for Every Sign—Here’s What To Expect for Yours

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The past few weeks in the sky have been overwhelming, life-changing, and dramatic as we’ve waded through both eclipse season and Mercury retrograde in Taurus. Luckily, the storm begins to clear as we’re greeted by the new moon in Taurus on May 19 at 11:53 a.m. EDT. Since 2021, new moons in Taurus have also been eclipses, which can create an unpredictable, supercharged, and fated energy in the sky. This new moon brings a more easy-going and predictable energy that is ideal for setting intentions and manifestation work to bring about new energy and fresh starts.

Taurus is a fixed sign, known for its dependability, commitment, and predictability. During this new moon, we have the bull's stubbornness on our side, trusting us to stay the course despite any setbacks, and dedicating ourselves to reaching a desired goal or milestone. New moons in Taurus reconnect us with our physical temple and the simple pleasures in life. This is an aligned time to set intentions regarding your relationship with your own pleasure and desires, embodiment, creativity, personal values, as well as finances.

This new moon will also make harmonious aspects with other planets in the sky that may add extra flavor. This will be the first new moon in Taurus that’s taking place alongside Jupiter in Taurus since April 21, 2012. The sun, moon, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will all be able to witness and influence one another in the sky, making this moon more bountiful and able to deliver some added blessings.

New moons in Taurus reconnect us with our physical temple and the simple pleasures in life. Set intentions regarding your relationship with pleasure and desires, embodiment, creativity, personal values, and finances.

The new moon in Taurus will also be aspecting Neptune in Pisces, which can stir up a compassionate, creative, healing, and romantic energy to the day. Our imagination is an asset today, and we’re better able to push beyond the limits of our rational mind. The new moon will also be forming a supportive connection with Mars in Cancer, lending us the drive to assert ourselves and take action on matters close to the heart. Breakthroughs and sudden insight may also arrive as the new moon is taking place near Uranus in Taurus, stirring up unexpected ideas and opportunities.

To get a better picture of how this emotional energy will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a little more ease.

What the new moon in Taurus has in store for your sign


An abundant future is on the horizon, Aries. The new moon in Taurus moves through your second house of income, livelihood, and comfort, bringing your focus to your possessions and the way you earn a living. This moon may coincide with making an exciting purchase, or learning news about a possible promotion, raise, or another work opportunity. This is a wonderful day to apply for a job or let others know all about your unique talents and skills. Work aside, you may also be reflecting on your relationship with your personal security and starting a fresh chapter around how you define comfort and pleasure in your life.

Your new moon self-care practice: Clean out your wallet and purses, as clearing out any clutter that you’ve been carrying around with you will help you cultivate a more abundant mindset. Set an intention that your newly organized wallet or purse marks the start of a fresh financial beginning.


You’ve been granted a clean slate, Taurus. The new moon in your sign highlights your first house of self, identity, and personal ambitions—who do you want to be and how do you want to get there? Now is an aligned time to pour your energy into your desires, self-expression, and physical being. Are you ready for a dramatic makeover? You have the opportunity to begin again in any area of life you choose. Dare to be bold and take up space. You may feel ready to reinvent and reintroduce yourself to the world.

Your new moon self-care practice: Take inspired action toward a personal goal or ambition. You deserve to invest your energy in yourself and focus on yourself. Doing so will remind you of the agency you have over your own life.


It’s time to slow down and reacquaint yourself with rest, Gemini. The new moon in Taurus illuminates your 12th house of closure, healing, solitude, spirituality, and rest. You’re been calling to tend to your inner world, and if you’ve been overdoing it at work and in your personal life, this is an opportunity to rebalance the scales and listen to your body. Engaging in a daily spiritual practice can also lead to heightened intuitive experiences and insight.

Your new moon self-care practice: Start a dream journal. Your psychic world is more active than normal under this moon. Signs, symbols, and synchronicities in your dreams may offer solutions and insight you’ve been waiting for.


Dare to dream big, Cancer. The new moon travels through your 11th house of hopes and wishes for the future, your network, and social circle. Pay attention to people entering your life around this time—you may be making a new friend with long-term potential or have the opportunity to be connected with an influential person in your network. This is one of the most magical moons of the year under which you can manifest. Set intentions around any goals or dreams you hope to achieve.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a vision board focused on a specific desire. Include images, colors, and words that inspire you and the life you hope to create in the future. Witnessing it in a physical form will make it more real in your mind’s eye.


The spotlight is on you, Leo. Your attention turns to your reputation and legacy as the new moon moves through your 10th house of career and accomplishments. What legacy do you want to leave behind and what do you wish to be known for? This new moon in Taurus may mark the beginning of a new important career shift, adopting a new title or promotion, or the beginning of a major life milestone like getting married, expanding your family, meeting a special someone, or moving. Others are taking notice of your abilities—use your charm to your advantage.

Your new moon self-care practice: Shoot your shot! Update your résumé, draft a cover letter, or send an email to someone with whom you hope to work with or collaborate. This moon is here to remind you of your worthiness to shine bright and of your inherent talent and value. Don’t sell yourself short.


The future feels more optimistic and full of potential than it has in a while, Virgo. The new moon lands in your ninth house of expansion, travel, perspective, education, and spirituality. Important conversation and discussions about goals you have for your future may kick off today. News or information that is revealed may shift your personal perspective in some way. This is also a beautiful moon to plan a future trip under or to take a risk and try something new. If you’re feeling more curious than normal, sign up for a class or course of interest!

Your new moon self-care practice: Zoom out and reflect back on goals you had 10 years ago. What were they, and have you achieved any of them? Looking back on where we came from and how much we’ve accomplished along the way can shift our perspective and cultivate more gratitude in our present lives.


You’re feeling more introspective than you normally do, Libra. Now is the time to turn inward as the new moon activates your eighth house of shared resources, hidden desires, fears, and vulnerability. On a practical level, you may be settling debt or tidying up your finances with a partner. This new moon may also signal the beginning of a new contract or bond. Emotionally, you have an opportunity to become reacquainted with the power of your vulnerability. Inviting more intimacy into your life and into your relationships can help you release old ties to the past and any lingering fears or resentment you’ve carried with you.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a list of your fears. Are there any on the list that you can commit to confronting in some way? For example, if you have a fear of using your voice and speaking up, can you start journaling or recording voice memos to listen back to? Taking a baby step toward your fears lessens the grip they hold over you. Usually, there are blessings waiting on the other side.


You’ve got partnerships on your mind, Scorpio. The new moon illuminates your seventh house of one-on-one relationships and collaborations. Single folks may find someone with long-term potential, and couples may be discussing plans for the future or starting a new chapter together like moving in with one another, getting engaged, or married. This can also bring exciting connections into your business life and opportunities your way. Collaborative efforts will lead to success.

Your new moon self-care practice: Tell an important person in your life a few reasons you are grateful for them. Slowing down to acknowledge what may feel obvious to us, can mean the world to those we care about most.


You may feel busier than normal, Sagittarius. The new moon in Taurus moves through your sixth house of day-to-day routine, habits, and health. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, this new moon invites you to dream up a daily schedule and habits that support your responsibilities. There is enough time in the day for you to both work and play, but you must consciously make that choice. You may also be beginning a new project at work or receive news about a new contract. If you’re looking to incorporate healthier habits into your life, this new moon brings the dedication required and can leave lasting results.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a list of the habits you know you’d like to incorporate into your daily life, but keep putting off or avoiding. Choose to commit to one of them.


The universe is inviting you to reconnect with your pleasure, Capricorn. You’re ready to ditch your typical serious and focused demeanor behind as the new moon activates your fifth house of romance, creativity, joy, and playfulness. This new moon could coincide with a new romantic interest entering your life, or perhaps couples decide to reignite the passion in their relationship by exploring their sensuality and sexuality in a new way. If you’ve been hoping to work on a creative project, this moon is fertile for inspiration to arrive. Having fun is your responsibility and job under these moonbeams.

Your new moon self-care practice: Time to get creative! Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, tap into your childhood joy and playfulness by using watercolors, chalk, or finger painting. Some insight or wisdom may come through when you least expect it as you relax and let your inner child take over and take the wheel.


It’s time to tend to your inner world and sense of security, Aquarius. The new moon in Taurus illuminates your fourth house of home, family, foundations, and the past. This can be a sensitive and nostalgic time for you as you move through memories from the past. You may be feeling more reflective on the patterns that exist within your family and feel called to release old generational habits that no longer feel aligned and start fresh. This new moon may also coincide with a fresh chapter in your family life or living situation.

Your new moon self-care practice: Purge and release old belongings in your home. Getting organized and tidying up your space will cultivate a more inviting environment for new opportunities to find you.


You’re engaging in some exciting conversations, Pisces. New opportunities and contracts may be on the horizon as the new moon moves through your third house of communication, information, learning, and surrounding environments. Discussions that take place today could kick-start a promising project or lead to an idea worth pursuing. You may also feel called to sign up for a class or teach yourself a new skill. This moon asks you to reflect on the way you speak to yourself—can you be kinder? You have the chance to shift your mindset for the better.

Your new moon self-care practice: Write a list of the mean things you say to yourself in your mind on a regular basis. Cross out each and then rewrite and reframe in a positive way. Record these updated beliefs as a voice memo and listen as you wake up first thing in the morning and practice saying them out loud to yourself in front of the mirror to shift your mindset.

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