July 2023 Wellness Horoscope: How the Cosmos Will Affect Your Well-Being This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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If the month of June had us all up in our feelings and our relationships, cosmically speaking, July is just cranking up the temperature on that vibe. It's a month that astrologers have had in their sights for some time now, largely because it brings one of the biggest transits of the year: Venus retrograde. When the love planet enters its retrograde cycle (starting on July 22 and through September 3), we get the chance to review and reflect upon what we need to feel like we're living a life of warmth, beauty, and richness. And that energy will play a role in every sign's July 2023 wellness horoscope.

Though Venus doesn't technically retrograde until near the end of the month, it's been moving through it's pre-retrograde shadow (aka when the planet crosses the same degrees of a sign that it'll eventually retrograde back over) since June 19—which means its energy is already potent. And this is a particularly significant retrograde both because it only happens once every 18 months, and because it's happening in the heart-centered and highly personal sign of Leo.

While any Venus retrograde invites us to re-evaluate what we value—whether in terms of our relationships, our purchases, our aesthetic, or our pathways to pleasure—this Venus retrograde in Leo will revolve around the Leo-like themes of pride and dignity, artistry and creativity, and celebrity and royalty. Whatever comes up for you could change your conception of love, including the ways you love both yourself and others.

As a way to gain more access into what may arise for you during Venus retrograde, think back to summer 2015. The reason? During that time, Venus was also retrograde in Leo and thus had influence over the same sector of your birth chart. You may now find yourself facing similar terrain and reflecting upon related realms of life. And you could also observe that whatever occurred then is now reaching another phase in its evolution.

With the lunar nodes shifting into Aries and Libra, we'll have our attention turned to our closest relationships—an emphasis that feels especially resonant amid Venus retrograde.

As we move through the month, love and relationships remains a prominent cosmic theme, as the lunar nodes (points in the sky associated with fate and destiny) switch into Aries (north node) and Libra (south node)—opposite signs that comprise the relationships axis in astrology. While Aries is the sign of the individual and the self, Libra is associated with partnerships and connections with others. And with the nodes highlighting these signs, there's no doubt we'll have our attention turned to our closest relationships—an emphasis that feels especially resonant amid Venus retrograde.

How these and other celestial events in July will affect you, in particular, is connected to your personal astrology. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to discover your July 2023 wellness horoscope, and pick up insights to help you navigate it with clarity and confidence.

July 2023 wellness horoscope for every star sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Accessing a greater sense of well-being is a major theme this month for you, Aries. The reason? Your planetary ruler Mars enters Virgo and your sixth house of health and wellness on July 10. And then, just a week later, the destiny-oriented north node enters your sign—aka your first house of identity and physical body—where it will reside for the next year and a half. Which is all to say, fiercely dedicating yourself to feeling your very best will become an especially captivating goal.

Wellness tip: Create a list of three health goals focused on the way you want to feel. Choose one that really speaks to you, and then commit to taking one action to reach that aim.


Ever since January 2022, you've likely been honing exactly what makes you you, Taurus. The reason being, the purpose-driven north node has been roaming through your sign since then. As it prepares to leave your sign and move into Aries on July 17, it seems that the first two-plus weeks of the month could provide you with powerful opportunities to compare and contrast where you were then to where you are now, and then revel in how far you’ve come.

Wellness tip: Take time to journal about any personal evolution you’ve experienced over the last eighteen months.


If you like riddles, consider this one, Gemini: What supposedly talks, makes the world go around, and doesn’t grow on trees? Yes, it’s money. And for a potpourri of reasons—your planetary ruler Mercury aligns with the sun in your second house of finances on July 1, and then forms an opposition to intense Pluto on July 10—currency, capital, and coin will likely captivate your conversations and thoughts this month. Remember that while there is (much) more to life than money, having a conscious and positive relationship with your finances can make you more empowered and less stressed.

Wellness tip: Focus on your financial self-care this month, whether by reflecting upon your relationship with money or enhancing your financial literacy.


You could really find your voice this month, Cancer. The radiant sun unites with communicative Mercury in your sign on July 1, making it easier to access and speak your truth out loud. This can help you feel more confident navigating any relationship conversations that may arise on the full moon in Capricorn on July 3.

With the new moon in your sign on July 17, you could feel inspired to turn the page on something that you know is now complete. Given that’s also the day that the north node shifts into Aries, highlighting your 10th house of work and reputation, you'd be wise to stay open to a blossoming of new career aspirations.

Wellness tip: If you need some energetic support in speaking your truth and projecting it confidently, consider putting a few drops of Trumpet Vine flower essence in your water bottle each day this month.


You could crave the spotlight this month, Leo. As ideas-focused Mercury enters your sign on July 11, you may find that you're drawn to being generative and generous and to accessing even more of your potential for personal pizzazz. That vibe gets even stronger on July 22, when the sun enters Leo (kicking off your season) and love planet Venus stations retrograde in your sign—aka your first house of self and identity.

Wellness tip: If you’re looking to more consciously connect with your sense of inner radiance and more proudly shine your light, consider popping a few drops of Sunflower flower essence on your tongue each day this month.


Don’t be surprised if you feel extra feisty on July 10 as warrior Mars enters your sign, Virgo. Consider channeling your instinct for assertion and strong will into a cause about which you feel passionate. As you do, just know that your detective skills (and meter for B.S.) will likely be operating at full capacity given that on the same day, your planetary ruler Mercury opposes intense Pluto.

Speaking of Mercury, it also unites with pleasure-focused Venus on July 27, the day before it moves into your sign, on July 28; mark these days on your calendar as ones on which you’ll discover a new definition of beauty and delight.

Wellness tip: Don’t be afraid to sweat; it’s a great way to release the fiery Mars energy you may be feeling, reducing your stress and helping you avert sweating the small stuff.


Life is about to shift gears this month for you, Libra. Since January of last year, you’ve been learning a lot about how to get things done, when to collaborate, and when to do things on your own. But on July 17, as the north node moves into your opposite sign of Aries, highlighting your seventh house of relationships, you enter an eighteen-month period during which partnerships of all kinds take on new prominence.

With your planetary ruler Venus also stationing retrograde on July 22, the third week of the month will show you the power of community and how you can gain support through aligning yourself with people who share your values.

Wellness tip: Journal about the ways in which you'd like to show up more powerfully in your relationships and how doing so might prove rewarding.


During the first half of the month, you could have great clarity on the next step you want to take in life and what you need to do—and avoid doing—to get there, Scorpio. That's because, until July 17, the south node is in your sign (where it's been for the past year and a half), giving you powerful insights into how to navigate your life.

Things could take a tougher turn mid-way through the month; on July 21, your planetary ruler Pluto opposes the sun, which could leave you facing off with someone whose need to be acknowledged irks you. Before you go too far down the rabbit hole of irritation, see if there’s something about their desire for appreciation that triggers you because it’s actually reflecting an unacknowledged need of your own.

Wellness tip: It’s a great month for decluttering and getting rid of things in your home that no longer serve you.


Your month could start on a high note, Sagittarius. As July kicks off, your planetary ruler Jupiter forms a supportive sextile to the radiant sun and communication-oriented Mercury. Take advantage of this auspicious alignment by seeing how language can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Additionally, you may be able to uncover information that can help you feel more empowered at work.

Just be aware of the potential for conversations to be a bit tense on July 17—given that’s the day that Jupiter makes a tough square with Mercury; even though you may want to quickly move on to the next subject, marshaling some patience to work through any conflicts and find alignment with loved ones will pay off in spades.

Wellness tip: Learning a few key words or phrases from a foreign language could help you connect to new experiences this month.


Given that the July 3 full moon is in your sign, Capricorn, you could feel an extra boost of energy early in the month. Around the time of this lunation, prioritize what you need and how you want to nurture yourself. Not only will this enhance your sense of well-being, but also, it can help you navigate and negotiate an agreement with a friend or partner.

With your planetary ruler Saturn opposing warrior Mars on July 20, watch out for a bit of friction; in particular, someone asserting themselves could rub you the wrong way. But take note: It's possible that the feelings they stir within you could help point you toward actions you want to take or movements you want to make.

Wellness tip: Movement will do wonders for your spirit and well-being this month. Whether it’s dancing, taking a fitness class, or even just walking around your neighborhood, make sure to regularly be on the move.


As the month begins, let yourself be surprised by a friend, Aquarius. What they say or do may seem out of character—and yet it may be quite reflective of a new stage of growth that they're moving through.

Later in the month, your traditional planetary ruler, Saturn, makes a tense opposition to action-oriented Mars on July 20. Given that both planets will reside in the sector of your chart that rules over money, take extra care to avoid making impulsive financial decisions. Instead, see how playing the long game can bring you great reward.

Wellness tip: Spend some time reflecting on your personal budget; sure, it’s not the most glamorous activity, but the long-term return from paying just a little more attention to your spending can work wonders for your stress levels.


Your creativity could be off the charts this month, Pisces. Both Mercury and the radiant sun make a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces (on July 9 and July 20, respectively), inspiring your inner artist. Whether it’s watercolors, photography, decorating, or another activity, dedicate at least part of July to being as artistic as you possibly can.

You might similarly find that your penchant for romance is dialed up this month. Honor any desires you have to weave more romance into your own life, knowing that you can shower yourself with experiences of beauty and pleasure.

Wellness tip: Take yourself on a date. Being able to uncover or cultivate your own interests (whether you're partnered or not) is a simple way to add more joy into your life.

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