Natasha Sultan | First Lady Commercial Pilot of Gilgit Baltistan

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|Captain Natasha Sultan|

Daughter of Gilgit Baltistan, first female pilot

Captain Natasha

Belongs to Hunza, currently her family resides in Ghizer and she is the First Female Commercial Pilot of Gilgit Baltistan

Captain Natasha Sultan is currently instructor at AYLA Aviation Academy Jordan, She is originally from Hassan Abad, Hunza-Nagar, currently her family is living in Gahkuch, Ghizer. She was born in Ghizer and trained at a flying School in Lahore, she  explains the experience at Ayla Pricless as“It is a fantastic place with everbody committed to learning and doing it properly.” She admitted that there had been some cultural issues with some students having reservations about taking instruction from a woman,but these were quickly resolved.

Ayla had been committed to the first ever conference on the role of women in aviation in the middle East. Students are helped with accommodation at the ground school with modern classrroms with the latest teaching aids.

Natasha Sultan wished to join PIA in the future but her biggest dream is to fly His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan’s private jet. She is a fully qualified pilot exemplifying as first female commercial pilot from the Gilgit-Baltistan and deserves it the most .

Natasha showed that abilities can take a person to greater heights regardless of any gender.

Long long way to go Natasha… You deserve more and more… Keep on adding feathers to our caps…




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30 Responses to Natasha Sultan | First Lady Commercial Pilot of Gilgit Baltistan

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  2. Zohra Jabeen says:

    nice yar

  3. Ahmed Boxer says:

    thts great very well.

  4. we proud Of u.
    natasha ji,,,,,,

  5. Naseera Hannan says:

    Well done natasha.

  6. Imtiaz Ali says:

    Awesommmmmm :) we love you…. Keep it up! MashaALLAH
    imti balti (USA).

  7. Ali Madad says:

    well done Natasha, u have set an inspiration for the future generations.God bless u.

  8. Farhana Jabeen says:


  9. karim says:

    we all are proud of for countery and ur area keep it up.

  10. Natasha you played a leading role for the females of GB in the year to come and set a new trend.Best of luck and good wishes for you.

  11. Muhammad Ali says:

    awesome work……….keep strive to excellence……..

  12. Salman Wali says:

    well don natasha……

  13. Muhammad Younus Qara says:

    Ha! Natasha Sultan..
    Words really fail to express my joy at the news of your selection as pilot…You are a remarkable woman with a delightful personality and a wonderful intellect. We are lucky to have you….Congratulations!

  14. Nice to see and learn about u.

  15. tremendous work….. 5 thumbs up….:)

  16. Rukhsana says:

    Natasha M really happy for u..Stay blessed

  17. Naila Jehan says:

    Amazing Natasha:)))))))))))

  18. Mumtaz Ali. says:

    Congratulation & well done Natashah. Your r our identity & a precious symbol for the rest of GB. May accept your wish to fly the private jet of Prince Karim Aga Khan. Amin.

  19. nice natasha we proud of u. you are the First Lady Commercial Pilot of Karakrum(gilgit baltistan). kep it up………

  20. sohail alam says:

    nice natasha you played a leading role for the females of karakrum(gilgit baltistan) .Best of luck and good wishes for you.

  21. faiz ullah baig says:

    very good .. Nice to see you .best of luck

  22. well done .nice to see you . very happy to see that you came to Gilgit .

  23. sardar aleem says:

    well done keep it up :)

  24. saniya yousaf says:

    thumbs up lady:)

  25. jibran hayat says:

    Heartiest congratulations for such a milestone for GB women

  26. Zarina Baig says:

    Dear Natasha Appi…Indeed you have made us feel really proud among other successful nations.Your high aspirations and endless efforts have flown your nations' success to the dizzy heights..Hats off to you and indeed to your Father, Mr, Sultan ullah are a real paradigm of success and progress to the women of World in general and women of Gilgit-Baltistan in particular.We wish you all the good Luck for your future endeavors.It would be a matter of felicitations to us all, if you are going to fly the private jack of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan…..Best of LUCK.

  27. shahid mehmood says:

    Well you show that nothing is impossible for women especially especially for the residence of Gilgit-Baltistan women …, I PROUD OF U

  28. aroosa says:

    hats off natasha

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