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Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

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Scholarship Updates: LUMS NOP Announced Application Form Submission Process for Batch 2012

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Scholarship Updates                                                                                            Resources                                                                                        

Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

National Outreach Program Inquiry, Batch 2012

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NOP Website

Application Form

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The Gold Medalists of KIU | 2011 convocation.

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Students Update                                                                                                  25  Nov 2011

The High Achievers of Gilgit-Baltistan, Leaders of near tomorrow!!


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Photo Credits: Pamir Times

On November 24th Karakorum International University (KIU) held its 5th and 6th convocation together. Students enrolled in the 2006-10 (honors), session 2007 – 2011 (honors), 2008-10 (Masters) and 2009 – 2011 (Masters) were among the graduates who got their degrees on convocation. The High achievers were awarded with Gold medals and this post is aimed to highlight the high achievers.

The OEC Educure teams heartly congratulates all the graduates in general and the High achievers in particular for their success and we wish they will be a play postive roles in the positive change in the society. Congratulations!!The Gold Medalists are as enlisted below

The OEC authorship

Naeema Gold Medalist

Naeema Gul

Naeema Gul

D/O Gul Muhammad (Late)

Resident of Gulmit Gojal, District Hunza Nagar

BS(hon) International Relation


Gold medalist Piyar ali

Piyar Ali Sagi

Piyar Ali Sagi Hunzai

Resident of central Hunza

District Hunza Nagar

BS(hon) International Relation 2011



gold medalist

Samina Safdar

Samina Safdar

D/O Raja Safdar
Resident of Ghulkin Gojal
District Hunza Nagar
Masters in Business Adminstration(MBA)



Gold medal piyar ali

Basharat Ali Hunzai

Basharat Ali Hunzai

Resident of Central Hunza

District Hunza Nagar

BS Computer Science


Gold medal piyar ali

Mudasir Ayub

Mudasir Ayub

Secured a Gold Medal
Masters in International Relations

Karakorum International University
From Central Hunza, District Hunza-Nagar


Zohra silver Medalist


Zohra Hassan

NagarFrom Central Hunza,District Hunza-Nagar,

Secured a Silver MedalIn BS Computer sciences Batch 2010


Ahamd Wali Gilgit

Ahmad Wali

Ahmad Wali

From District Hunza-Nagar,

Secured a Gold Medal

In BS Computer sciences Batch 2010

(Note:As a matter of fact we are not fully updated about all the Award holders, if you have any further information and knowledge about any Award holder, please share it with us by putting it in a comment bellow. We will confirm it and update the list accordingly.)

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Sports @ OEC: Team GB wins A Gold & Two Bronze Medals


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Sports Update                                                                                                       24  Nov 2011


 |Team GB|  

The OEC authorship

The OEC authorship

Ejaz Karim led team Gilgit-Baltistan in  SONA NATIONAL TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIP  which  was held in Rahim Yar Khan from 17th nov to 19th Nov. More than 10 teams  participated in this event. GB was represented for the 1st time in any national event.  Team GB comprised of a total of eight players


1 Gold Medal

2 Bronze Medals

The OEC authorship


The OEC authorship

  • Punjab Green & Blue
  • Baluchistan
  • Gilgit-Baltistan
  • Azad Kashmir
  • Khyber Paktunkhuwah
  • Sindh
  • Islamabad    
  • FFC Machi
  • Fata

Team OEC appreciates the effort of our players and strongly recommends that we need to promote and highlight the hidden potential of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The OEC authorship

 [Sh@re It, Like It]

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Bimonthly Think In: National Rock Climber Syed Zaki Kazmi from GB

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Bimonthly Think In                                                                            15 Nov-30 Nov 2011

 Exclusive Interview of National Rock Climber

 |Syed Zaki Kazmi|

The OEC authorship

The OEC authorship

It starts years back when I got admission NUST, where we use to find every other way to have fun. My friends urged me on a bet to climb a building from back side to the floor. That went well and started another turn in my life because later the same friends introduced me to the club and so life too to this level that one day I become a National Player of Pakistan.

The feeling of representing your nation somewhere outside you country is a great feeling, which only a person in Green Coat overwhelms with. This summer when I was in Gilgit, I got a phone call from Alpine Club of Pakistan and informed that I have been put on the list for National Sports climbing team. I first thought, “Is that it? Is this what we call the dream comes true. What is more than just being on the list for National Team’s selection list?” I was not sure of my selection as because when you come in competition you always have to see both ways. However I had faith in myself and much more on God, who has bestowed upon me great success in such a little time. At last I was called to Islamabad for further official works.

The OEC authorship

This was the nascent Sports climbing team of Pakistan ever created and it was going to participate in competitions in China. This whole thing was so fast that we even didn’t much training time but prepared well to our caliber. As we already knew we had a big storm of competitors ahead and we had a big storm of expectations in us back in the country. Being the first and also getting first exposure internationally we had a load of pressure.

The OEC authorship

I had been all the way calm and relaxed because I was sure I would do my best and try till my last calorie of energy is lost. We arrived in Beijing, travelled to Changzhi where the World Sports Climbing Festival was held. Right after arriving there we went to the stadium where we were welcomed very heartily. I was amazed to see the crowd cheering and welcoming the teams from different countries. During our visit we had a good company of Athletes from about 20 different countries. We didn’t have a good result in the competitions so there is nothing to boast about. But the experience and learning are more than a getting just a title.

People meet and leave and never see but there memories and the deeds you learn from and experience with them remains with you all the way down to the grave. China has always been a friendly country but we have always seen it from our country but when you enter in to it you see the really brotherly feeling they have for us and our country. I want to mention many official dinners when any official comes to the Pakistani Team table you use to through a toast saying,” Pakistan-China: Brothers”. Like officials Chinese people never disappointed and warmly welcomed and showed friendly behavior. I met with various students there studying English in their universities.

The OEC authorship

What learnt from China trip is lot more to explain in some words but would say that I had learnt a lot of things which could guide me in my career. I would like to mention the most important aspects of Chinese people. They are very welcoming and very friendly so that you never expect from them for any help. They are a great deal learning about commitment and punctuality to one’s work. Chinese are a great people to learn from because they have developed in last 30 years and we are just close to them. Their commitment and honesty to their country remains the ultimate reason of success. 

The OEC authorship

I would like to mention as an athlete I would see the healthy activities of people which never affect their career negatively rather they have a greatly positive effect. Activities like outdoor sports are greatly important for a healthy student if he wants to feel alive. I am in final year of my studies and hopefully done with this by next few months but I have never given up at anyone these professions. I would say Engineer and Climbing are very important parts of my life. One is career and one is passion. Now it’s up to you to decide your passion and your career. Never gave up at any of these because if there is one path that you think you have to take to be in the line and if you choose that one path that doesn’t mean you have to abandon all the other ones. 

[The End]

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Students Update:”How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?” Says Malala

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A child working for Child protection recieves world wide acclaim.

Asma Gulab recieving award at Aga Khan University Examination board
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai, has been nominated among top five children of world working for Childs Rigts & Protection


-a student from swat valley

-raised voice against atrocities of Taliban

-first Pakistanito be nominated for Child Peace Award

She wrote a dairy about the children of Swat during Taliban insurgency. 

BBC urdu and Al Jazeera TV covered Malala’s efforts in their special documentaries.

Malala’s Poem: “Burning Tree

“Until yesterday, we used to enjoy real life and dreamed when we looked to the skies.

Until yesterday, the beautiful girls of Swat had beautiful ornaments.

But today, they are not having nice ornaments.

Until yesterday, every bird was singing happily in the trees.

But today, forget about the birds. They cannot sing.

All of their trees have been burned.

Today, they have banned even a meeting of a loving couple.

They have burned our music.

What a drama is happening to us.

Our culture is going to be destroyed.

Everywhere, our culture is burning.”

Source: The Star

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Admissions Update: LUMS undegraduate & graduate Admissions 2011

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Admissions Update: Lums annouces graduate & undergraduate admissions for year 2012-13 
Profile: Lahore University of Management Science, the top univsersity of country is providing excellent and quality education since 1985. It has the philosphy of “Education for All” irrespective of financial  status of students. It is the most diverse campus of students belonging to different social classes, regions, countries and speaking diferent languages. Apart, from its educational excellence, it is the safest and secure institute for women and men, strictly providing a healthy and liberal milieu for student life.
Admission 2011-12: It has annouced the admission process for intake of undergraduates and graduate for year 2012-13
Datelines:The Deadline to Apply for Admission to ALL Undergraduate Programmes is January 12, 2012
Details: For more details, Visit LUM Website

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Disclaimer: It is a voluntareely presentation for general wareness of students, the information might vary with time, OEC doesnt bear responsibility of any variation.

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Opportunities @ OEC: OEC Authorship

The OEC authorship

The OEC authorship

The OEC encourages the youth to participate in healthy activities like reading, writing, debating, discussions, media activities and all other sort of actions that promotes the wisdom and knowledge of the youth.

In order to provide a scope to those active youth who are interested in writing articles on different aspects the OEC has introduced the OEC authorship, we will provide an authors account through which the writers will share their writings and the administrators will approve the writings to publish on the OEC blog. This will provide a chance for the talented youth of the region to bring forward their writing and enter the the stream of authorship.

The Authorship will be given on the basis of writing skills, regularity and level of thinking of the interested members.

Fill in the Form  at AUTHORSHIP FORM


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Students Updates: Asma Ghulab, recieves award for securing 2nd position in AKU-EB

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|AKU-EB|First Annual “Passing The Torch” Student Awards Ceremony:

Asma Gulab recieving award at Aga Khan University Examination board

Asma Gulab

Asma Ghulab, recieves award for securing 2nd position in Aga Khan University Examination Board(AKU,EB). She appeared as candidate of HSSC Pre medical examination for year 2011.


-a student of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Hunza.

-an inspiration for youngsters and  her juniors.

-a pride for her parents, institution and region. 

OEC wishes heartiest congratulations and we pray for her immeasurable success in life(Amen).

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Students Update: Ehsam to present his research work at ICCAE 2012, Mumbai India

Ehsam ullah baig the young researcher


Ehsam Ullah Baig, belonging to Gulmit(Upper Hunza), Gilgit-Baltistan, has made into

2012 4th International Conference on Computer and Automation Engineering
“ICCAE 2012″

Mumbai, India
January 14 – 15, 2012

They received research papers from 11 countries and selected only 70 papers for oral presentation. Mr Ehsam has been invited to present his paper in this conference in India.

In his paper he is working on  ”Resonance and its effects”

He started his education from Al-Azhar Model School Gilgit. Then studied in Public Schools & Colleges Gilgit. Now he is in PCIT in Islamabad.

Few weeks earlier, he surprised everyone when he got the first prize in the event “young researcher” beating student researchers of the top universities of Pakistan like NUST, LUMS, GIKI and other renowned institutions during Pakistan Mathematical Olympiad and young researchers Conference in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI).

Read an exclusive  interview of Mr Ehsam to OEC Blog at Cover Story.

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