Investing in Future Leaders

Investing in Future LeadersIFL(Investing in Future Leaders) is an initiative of the OEC to make quality education possible to those who do not have access to it due to various economic or social problems like poverty, death of parents or any other reason. IFL also awards scholarships that are awarded on the basis of merit. Microphone Guitar Tuner.

The IFL has three categories of scholarships programs aiming to give an efficient and transparent system of scholarships.


Aims and Objectives

The Overall aims and objectives of IFL-OEC

IFL donation System Portal:

The IFL team is currently working in developing a web portal for IFL which will make operations of IFL online and alive everywhere. The basic aim of this project is to give maximum satisfaction to the donors and making our work efficient and sustainable, the portal will be launched soon and the important features of this portal would be,

How do Donate?

You can express your willingness to donate for the IFL by sending us Email , You can also reach us by contacting any of the OEC member (if in your reach)

Email id:

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