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The OEC came up with an idea of an educational magazine which would help students studying in far flung and remote regions of Gilgit Baltistan to gain access to education related information and help them achieve excellence in their

This magazine would provide all the education related information and news to the students of Gilgit Baltistan. It would also provide the latest science and technology news. The magazine would also provide a way to access the outside world for the local students. It would act to change the perceptions and thinking of its audience. This magazine would further act to bring out the literary and journalistic potentials of the students by publishing articles written by the students. The magazine would bring together students of different areas and communities and would help to bridge the difference between them. Further it would also try to give international level exposure to its intended audience through the different contacts of the Edecure team. Our company offers to purchase digital signage display cheap and on time.

The magazine would be published twice every year. It would not be too comprehensive and would have an average length of around 35 to 40 pages. The Edecure will also have a web presence in form of a blog.



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The 2nd Edition of Educure magazine has been published online. Please click the above thumbnail to read it online.