A Proposed Solution and Role Of More Previleged Students: Fighting the Big Four Constraints(B4Cs) Faced By Deprived Ones

The OEC authorship

Articles                                                                                                        6th March 2012

The OEC authorship

A Proposed Solution and Role Of More Previleged Students: Fighting the Big Four Constraints(B4Cs) Faced By Deprived Ones

In Gilgit-Baltistan, the primary enrolment stands at 51%, which means only 51 out of every 100 students have access to primary school and remaining doesn’t even get an opportunity to see school. Adding to severity majority of students drop school at middle and matric level; leaving sheer majority of brilliants minds in menial jobs, and many just wandering around. This heinous dropout rate negatively affects already very low primary school enrollment, seeing others being dropped out, the parents might get a disincentive and don’t to send their children to school. They might send them at a mechanic shop to learn any technical skill or use them as as home labours, shepherds, and wood collectors etc. So, if Gilgit-baltistan has to develop and prosperous in future, it is important to deal with this grave situation in educational sector.  Apart from geographical, social and cultural impediments, based on my personal observation and experience, I have deduced that  students are compelled to leave school because of following  Four Constraints (4Cs):

1. Lack of Inspiration: An inspiration acts as insulin, it gives a person the will power to consistently fight and overcome all impediments in order to achieve a goal. It keeps a person moving towards a goal or an aim persistently. Mostly in remote areas of our region, those people who succeed in their lives and have the capacity to inspire others leave their home places and get settled in urban centres. Further, the teachers at schools fail to inspire their students instead they use archaic procedures making education less attractive for them. Finally, those students belonging to low income families rarely have any member to get inspired from. Thus, because of these vacuums, these students lack an inspiration or an urge to bear difficulties, set a higher goal and to have a bigger dream.

2. Lack of Guidance/Awareness: The information about educational opportunities, interesting fields, and  scientific wonders rarely reaches to these students. The core problem is that there is an information gap between existing opportunities and deserving students. For instance, we have two prestigious scholarships: National Outreach Program (NOP) and National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) offered by prestigious institutes of country. Also, there are many scholarship provided by public sector and private sector for higher education, and secondary schooling. Similarly, there are various fee remissions and scholarships provided by higher secondary schools like Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS) and Gilgit College of Commerce and Economics(GCCE) for deserving and needy students. These opportunities require proper planning right from middle school and primary. Unfortunately, very few students have access to information about these opportunities and quite often, those who have information belong to well off families , and  they succeed to grab it despite being non deserving or ineligible in real terms.  Due to lack of required information and awareness, many students of remote areas succumbed to hurdles and back out from  school. However not all, few manage to get rid of this informational gap and successfully compete and excell in life.  Therefore, it is important that the schools,  the more previleged students, and professionals provide the required guidance and awareness  to the the deprived ones at appropriate time.

3. Lack of Encouragement: I remember, when I was kid a very learned person from my village came to our house; I was accompanying my father in his work. The learned person advised my father to take me  out of  school and train me to become a carpenter. It was very discouraging for me because despite the fact that the learned person knew I was good at school, he tried to get me  off school instead of bucking me up. Thanks Allah and my under matric father, who dint follow the advice of that highly educated person and I successfully managed to reach a well reputed university of country. The lack of encouragement and presence of discouraging factors are aslo among major causes of drop outs; it kills the courage of students to pursue higher aims and goals. Therefore, it is needed that the educated people or the ones who have excelled in their lives pay frequent visits to their home villages, meet students and encourage them.

4. Lack of Finance: It acts as the last nail in the coffin, already faced with above mentioned problems, the financial restraints make sure that the students leave the school and opt for a short term menial jobs.  So, it is need of hour that both public and private sector invest more in education make it accessible and meaningful to the students of remote areas belonging to low income families.

I have full conviction that if students are provided with an inspiration, proper guidance and encouragment making them capable to set a bigger aim to pursue , they will break the shackles of financial restraints through hardwork. Because, in this world they need to create an opportunity for themselves, no one provides it at doorstep for free. Nonetheless, in extreme cases like orphanage, physical disability and extreme poverty, students must be provided with financial help.  By sorting out these  four constraints (4Cs), we can make sure that the students pursue education seriously and with full interest. They envision it as the only way out to change lives of their family, village, region and country.

To tackle these four constraints (4Cs), I see a strong role of youth especially those who are studying at higher universities of country. They are among more previleged students who have successfully made to higher studies at good institutions of country. They must make best use of their summer and winter breaks, team up and visit schools of remote areas of their respective regions. They must organize educational drives, act as role models for students, inspire them, provide them with required guidance and make them able to dream high and aim big. Teach them the small steps to achieve higher, and where needed hunt donors, sponsors and philanthropists to finance.

In this regard, it is pertinent to mention that for last couple of years Organization for Educational Change (OEC) has initiated various projects  directly dealing with these  four constraints (4Cs). It  unites the more previleged students from various regions under its umbrella. It organizes educational expos, prints a student magazine, runs a mobile helpline and  has an online version of magazine.  Further, it has initiated scholarship programs for deserving students. And, It has received its practical impact in form of a student reaching to a good institution previously having no direction in his life due to aforementioned problems. Likewise, following footsteps of OEC, many  student bodies  have started more a less similar campaigns.  Also, even some political student bodies have made provision of educational awareness part of their activities. Finally, a students led organization, The Milk Way Trust (TMT) is planning to fight the big fourth constraint of “Finance” at a massive level.

Overall, It is important that we carry on the a tradition  started,  to see a greater impact on youngsters in forthcoming years. Also, our public and private sectors must revisit it’s educational polices to sort out these four issues. Then, we can improve the school enrollment rates in our area through a collective action.  And, provide a chance for brilliant minds to excel  preparing themselves for leading the region and country in future.

Imtiaz Ali
Member M&A Council
Orgainization For Educational Change(OEC)

Note: It is not official opinion of writer or organization, we appreciate diverse opinions for public discussion and debate.

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12 Responses to A Proposed Solution and Role Of More Previleged Students: Fighting the Big Four Constraints(B4Cs) Faced By Deprived Ones

  1. Bushra ali says:

    Your article is appreciable but as you focused highly firstly on getting inspiration and later on financial issues i have little problem in it.
    Getting inspiration might be the one factor but I do not agree with getting inspiration will always help you out to minimize the dropout rate. To me getting an inspiration means he/she is ideal/wow and i am not able reach the point where he/she is standing. By getting inspire we set a standard for ourselves that we must reach that point. Sometimes we get succeeded and sometimes we get failed. We set more and higher goals on success but we belittle ourselves when we get fail. This degradation of self becomes very problematic for our rest of the life. what i think is we should set a road map for our life and just walk over it flexibly.And as far as i know some of the re known personalities of GB they were not inspired of anyone they were just working hard for an unknown outcome.
    As you mentioned guidance is important but i think not every time. Most of the students go for the unknown subjects and make their own theories like the early scientists. They were just working hard to know about different things which later take the place of new fields of study. Most of our fathers were also not that much aware of their fields but they rocked their disciplines with hard work. Lack of encouragement is also not an important factor as well because i was discouraged a lot by my parents at Fsc level but i took it positively and improved and i am still trying my best.So discouragement depends the way how you take it.
    Lack of finance is an issue but not a big hurdle in my opinion as you mentioned. Many of our fathers are self made personalities.They did part time jobs to fulfill their basic necessities and fee. Being indulge in different fields makes you critical thinker, good observer and a responsible student. That`s why students are encourage to participate in extra circular activities.
    So the factors in my opinion are not that much important that we make them universal truth and justify our failure by them. working hard is important whatever we do, we must be sincere with our work and we should avail another chances if get fail in one as life gives us different opportunities. The age factor in studies should not be restricted. The “uneducated” elder people (having no formal education degree) must be given a chance by the government when they realize that i must have a degree.

  2. Tajee(Imtiaz Ali) says:

    @Bushra. All constraints bear equal importance, order doesnt make any point more or less important. Rest, it is an opinion, not a general truth, you can agree or disagree with. All of your coments are highly appreciatable:)
    And, these are related to students of less previliged families. Sometimes, and for some people, even self or the circumstances around wether good or bad become quite enough to act as an inspiration. Remaining factors guidance, encouragement and finance still I believe to be key in determing discourse of a students especially the underpreviliged ones.

  3. Iram Sultan says:

    Dear Bushra… I am very happy to see that you are looking the problem in another way… but my opinion is we as a Muslim, as an Asian, as a Pakistani and all of that as citizens of GB we are much more emotional. and the lava of these emotion play vital role in our life. yes i agree with Imtiaz that all the first three steps he mentioned are the most important step in the upcoming youths life.
    Yes i agree with you that hard work is important but this hard work starts with a goal sets in mind of a child. if you look practically to use the words goal for a child is though very superficial but yes to be like a person who inspire him/her is a goal for a child. if you just observe your surrounding you see that child always want to copy/behave like some body in family. While growing up he act in the same manner. that an inspiration for him. so he always needs an inspiration to start his life.
    and same thing as for other.
    The world and life is gradually changing. So its important to see the impact of cultural, social, ethical, economical change in the world.which directly effects the life of individual. lack of guidance can destroy a life of child in this changing world. a child inspiration can be a good person or can be a bad person. now it depends on guiding person, institution or plat form to provide him positive and good guidance. i have seen a lot of people working hard having an abstract inspiration but lack of guidance. they honesty work like donkeys just for the sake of hard work without any goal. so guidance play a role in every bodies life specially in this changing world. and i think nowadays it is its playing more important role than inspiration.
    encouragement is also as important as all the above mentioned constraint. for financial i think if you overcome all the first three constraint including “hard work” you will find the way itself to overcome this matter. I think now days its not a big deal to find out financial help if you are very very very good student. there are hundreds of org and philanthropist ready o pay fee for a good students.

  4. Maria Jabeen says:

    Nice work ali. Here i want to add one most important thing which is always been missing and we need to revive it “Be a Connector” share your resources whatever capcity you are in or in whatever shape you have. Learn to share. Everyone should share the opportunities he/she comes across even if they are relevent to them still go through it and share it or connect it to the concern group/individual. And the second thing is to give some space to the people around you also to feel the ownership and responsibility and create a muliplier effect.

  5. Rizwan Mir says:

    Great efforts from OEC in building awareness among students of GB in pursuit of quality education. I totally agree with the B4Cs articulated by Imtiaz Ali which are the main constraints faced by deprived students of GB. I really appreciate the efforts of OEC members. As per my opinion lack of awareness and encouragement are crucial here and the qualified students of GB can play a major role in building awareness and motivate students by arranging seminars and visiting remote schools of GB.

    I am in Sweden and if I can contribute anything in the mission of OEC, please let me know.

    Rizwan Mir

  6. Naveed Hunzai says:

    Having a great experience of working with you since very early times, I would like to share my ideas regarding the topic in focus. First of all its very interesting to see the interest of you guys in such a critical yet complicated issues and I would appreciate your zeal.
    Now coming to the point, my experience tells me that young generation should not forget the real values of our faith. Values of Mutual Help, Respect for elders, love for young ones and ethical values of our religion. Many of you would say that I am being a religious preacher, but NO, I believe faith and religion is 98% about humanity and every religion teaches humanity. So its important to maintain and re-enforce our values of ethical life. If we re-enforce these values, many of our problems will automatically be solved. Inspiration, Guidance, Timely support, Ethical and Moral Support and even Financial Support can be enjoyed in a morally civilized society.

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